Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall Resplendence - A Finish

This small quilt really packs a punch IMHO.  And it is one of the goals on my Q3 FAL list! I sewed the top last summer/fall when I was doing all the wheelchair charity quilts.
I pulled colours from the leaf print to make the half hexies.  Two of the half hexagon fabrics, the orange and the green, are in the same line, a VIP from Cranston Print Works Company.  The rest are all scraps.

I drafted a pattern for the half hexagons, which isn't hard to do: you just need the finished measurement of the short sides, and then if you think about it, a half hexagon is made up of 3 equilateral triangles, so voilà, template made.
Dave, husband to Tish, and author of the blog, Dave the Quilt Engineer (each of them are having a giveaway, on until tomorrow btw) said in his post about his diva of a cat, "'if it fits, I sits' (not just for boxes)".  Thus it is with my Bella.  See what I mean about cats getting the same memos?  As soon as I laid this down, hot off Avril the Avanté, to get a photo, Bella was like, "Mmmrrow? for sure I'll test it for you, and don't even worry about my good side; they're ALL good!" as she blinked, owl-like at me.

She was sure to get involved in one of the most exciting parts of the quilt process in her mind's eye, binding:

Here is the back, assembled from leftovers:
Brady's Halloween quilt, two chunks from non-blogged about quilts: a piece of brushed cotton from a Thanksgiving quilt, and the brown from another very cuddly quilt.
Love the texture I got from a pretty simple quilting motif.  I did wavy 'organic' lines in the leaves sections and this circles with wavy line connectors, very similar to a design Judy of Quilt Paradigm used on one of her latest quilts.  I don't have a circle template for my longarm, but I do have one to trace around, so I traced the circles onto the fabric and then just FMQ-ed them as well as the wavy line connectors.  They aren't perfect; you can see a wobble in the black fabric, but I'm okay with it; I'm not a robot.
The label.  I wrote right on the piece of green I needed as the pumpkin brushed cotton wasn't quite wide enough.  This is the 10th use (that doesn't seem right somehow, feels like it should be more, hmm) of my mmm! quilts labels from Ikaprint. (no affiliation but Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts is, so go there first and click on through!

I haven't decided whether I will keep this one or sell it or maybe donate it to a needy place.  Speaking of donating, I finally dropped off the first quilt I made for the Henry Glass Fabrics Desire to Inspire Challenge.

This is in the vestibule of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre in Windsor.  I asked for this one to go to a boy as it is more masculine in feel on both the front and definitely on the back.  I now realize that I have never given you a more in-depth look at all of my projects for that Henry Glass challenge.  I need to do that.  I already gave the Centre two I made in April when it was Sarah's Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge.

Back to Fall Respendence.
Loving the slowly opening mums! Here we'd set them out to catch the rain, which is still falling off and on today.
We need to take the boat out once or twice more in order to make room for some fresh gas to put in it while she waits over the winter.  But she did make a good backdrop even though it was drizzling while I was taking photos!

One of my favourite style of shots. Mmm!

It's nice to check another off one off the list...haven't made great progress this quarter.  I've been doing other, unforeseen quilting, as well as experiencing some other life stuff, so I apologize for not getting back to you in a timely manner if you've left a comment. I hope to catch up this weekend.  Remember to vote in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival! Easy peasy, just click the 3 that you like in each category.  Here is the one I entered, Rainbow Kitty Rows in the ROYGBIV category:
The post I wrote for the festival is here
Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  based on a tutorial from Quilting is More Fun Than Housework
Size: 42 1/2 X 49 3/4"
Fabric: scraps and stash
Batting: Warm n Natural
Quilted: on Avril the Avanté;  52 236 stitches
Threads: pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Essential variegated thread 21224 Autumn Splendor

Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts
And My Quilt Infatuation
and Leanne of She Can Quilt for the Q3 FAL.


  1. I voted for you!!! Love the fall colors - so much punch in a small quilt. How big is it. Bet, Brady is thrilled. Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes.

  2. The colors are really perfect for fall, as sad as it makes me to admit that summer is over. At least I can console myself with some pumpkin pie, haha! :)

  3. Such a darling fall quilt. I love the brighter colors used.

  4. What a pretty quilt for Autumn! I love the definition of the quilting on both the front and back. And those jack-o-lanterns--what a fun surprise on the back.

  5. Okay. I'm really slow but I did manage to vote for your pretty quilt. I refuse to admit how many times I had to circle back to figure it out.

    Love the fall quilt.

  6. Lovely quilt Sandra and I love the quilting you did on it. You can see the wobble because you know it's there!! Can I ask what size quilt labels you ordered-I need some of these! love your star quilt and the vote is in.

  7. Nothing like the meow of approval.. Lovely quilt and what wobble.

  8. Wonderful colors Sandra. So pretty for this time of year.

  9. Delightful quilt! You did an excellent job quilting it, too!

  10. I love the colors and the quilting on this quilt. You are right that it packs a punch.

  11. I've just noticed the Mini Round Robin button. Is this new? I can't find any info on what it is.

  12. That's a cozy looking fall quilt. And I love the colours and the quilting both in your Rainbow Kitty Rows.

  13. A wonderful finish, Sandra! The last photo of the folded quilt shows all the colours so beautifully. Our yellow mums are starting to open slowly as well. Love those flowers. I think cats have a centralized memo system. Oh, Bella!! :)


  14. Wow, that is a lovely quilt! Great job! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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