Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Stash - More Missouri & Meadow Mystery Update

Another charm pack on Missouri Star Quilt Company's daily deal had to come to my house.
Besides Corey Yoder's Sundrops, we have Handmaids by J. Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures, Seven Wonders by Parson Gray for Westminster Fibres, and finally Lulu by Chez Moi for Moda. Funny how all three look pretty good together, even though I did not buy them for that reason! Might have to explore that...
I know I know, that's more than A charm pack; there are 3 yards of accompanying fabric!  Well, as Tish would say, it looked lonely all by itself.  I had a peek in their plentiful sale own stash of turquoise, aqua and blue/greens, as well as the greys, is not that healthy, so I had to help both colours along.  No affiliation. ;-)

Now you all know I am an affiliate for Craftsy, and I have one of two items to show you that I finally caved, and bought, and I can't stop smiling and petting it and smiling some more:
This is Blueberry Park: this pic does not do its vibrancy justice, even though I took it under my Ott-Lite.  It is still on sale, at 25% off.  I happened to get it at their most recent, most excellent sale, where it was an even better deal.  However, there still always are fabrics at 35-55% off if you look, and sort by price, lowest to highest...not enabling or anything nope.

Meadow Mystery is up to date for September!
24 C/E units formed into a pinwheel  :-)
And here is Block 6:
There are 4; I just put them all together to form a huge block
I am absolutely in love with how these colours are working together.  The mottled green and blue is one of the ones I bought from Sew Sisters specifically for this mystery, on sale (do I ever pay full price for fabric? Well, occasionally...usually when it's going to someone else, no lie).  I bought three, plus a fourth that I just loved (see the post here) all from the Artisan Spirit A Painter's Passion line by Amy Sia for Northcott.  After I wrote that post, I realized, wait a minute, this second background, the mottled one, is not the same line! I emailed, and Judy got right back to me, apologized, said keep the yard I'd got and they'd send out the correct one. She also said sometimes companies put the same SKU on a fabric that is a basic or a blender or a background (as this is) and have it as part of a similar collection. So they would be the same.  Well they aren't! This correct one is more green; the other, from Tranquil Tides by Deborah Edwards for Northcott is a fair bit lighter.  And the SKUs are indeed different.  Anyhow, the point is that they replaced the fabric promptly and pleasantly and I know I will buy from them again and tell anyone else that they have great service (...and a pretty decent sale section: $8/metre CA works out to around $6/yard US.)

I haven't written anything forever about my ongoing leaders and enders Scrap Vortex project, but it is slowly building in volume and I am now starting to make fours and eights slabs.

The picture doesn't do justice to how much is there.  I'm hoping there's enough for a lap quilt.

Driving along in Essex county just today, I finally got to see what MacGyver often sees on his bike rides:
Wild turkeys!  Adults and some adolescents, wattles a-swinging as they gob-gobbled across the road. This, like seeing a moose or two in the road, or in your yard in Alberta (been there done that on both more than once), is a novelty to this Alberta girl!  We have grouse in Alberta, aka prairie chickens, and I love the "thump, thump, thump, th-th-th-th-th-thump-thump-drrrrrrr" sound the males make in the Fall, but no wild turkey, at least not in the central Alberta environs of Edmonton vicinity.

I AM a summer-loving girl, but I have come to love Fall here in southwestern Ontario where it is slower and gentler, with a wider variety of vibrant, lasting colours due to the vast variety of trees.

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  1. Blueberry Park is one of my favorite collections, as is Sun Drops. Your Meadow Mystery Quilt is coming along. I am almost finished cutting my fabric, and need to catch up.
    Glad I met you through Sunday Stash.

  2. Blueberry Park is one of my favorite collections, as is Sun Drops. Your Meadow Mystery Quilt is coming along. I am almost finished cutting my fabric, and need to catch up.
    Glad I met you through Sunday Stash.

  3. Your fabric choices are wonderful, that misty green goes perfectly with the solid dark blue.

  4. Love the turkeys crossing the road . A moose comes into gardens - aren't moose huge ! I love the blueberry park fabric . When we were in New York last Easter I tried unsuccessfully to buy it

  5. That Blueberry Park bundle is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you make. Your Meadow Mist colours are awesome.

  6. I have to agree wholeheartedly with you. The Artisan Spirit water color with the mottled solid is striking! What a stand out match.

  7. Love the colours for the mystery, great choice. Sew Sisters does give great customer service.

  8. That's quite a scrap vortex you have going there! Love that Blueberry Park.

  9. Those Meadow Mystery blocks are coming right along. I do love that green/blue print with the blue print. And how did I not know you had a leader/ender thing going on? The Blueberry Park bundle is even prettier in your picture than the one on Craftsy! I want to pet that fabric! We have turkeys everywhere here. Though normally they hang out in fields. Not sure I've ever seen them crossing the roads.

  10. I love seeing the progress on your scrap vortex quilt. All the pieces add up.

  11. I am sure that your rock star of a quilt will emerge from that scrap vortex, shaking its head, long hair waving wildly, and strumming its take the blogland by surprise!!!

    I got the Blueberry Park in both warm and cool color ways. Why choose when I can have both? Eh?


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