Wednesday, September 7, 2016

OMG That's What Friends Are For

Encouraging.  Supporting.  Listening.  Sharing.  Reminding....

As of starting this post I have 7 hours left to get in my OMG for September.  I know that thanks to reading Preeti's and Tish's posts within the past half hour.  Without further ado or sidetracking, I would like to get my Mini Round Robin quilted by month's end.  It may not be bound by then, but quilted it shall be.

Make mine a mini on the wall...
I received my mini quilt yesterday from Cindy of Stitchin at Home, and I am just IN LOVE!! What she did just pulls the centre to the last round and snuggles the middle two rounds friends, right?  I like that Tish and I are hanging out, even if that is vicariously, through our quilt tops, and even if that means that, yes, I haven't mailed hers yet...

We were a bit busy on Labour Day Monday, buzzin' around, as I'd mentioned in Monday's post.  It amazes me how many Americans don't realize their northern neighbours, and in my case, their southern neighbours, since Detroit is north of us, also celebrate Labour Day (I spell it with a 'u' but probably 50% of Canadians spell it without; both are accepted) on the same weekend.
Lake favourite colour in all her glorious hues
WHAT a spectacular day, much-needed 'ahh', and soul massage, and all is okay with our world that was.

Tuesday brought with it my mini and some lovely surprise mail.
Cindy knows how I love blue, and included this glorious butterfly print with my mini.  Like I want to chomp it.  Frame it maybe, make a shirt like I saw Kate wearing as a dress? on a magazine today in the store, okay make it the centrepiece to a quilt methinks.  She also sent the rich grey that sometimes reads dusky purple fabric, so cool with the line-drawn squares inside of which is a dot. Kind of like rolling a '1' on a die.  She is a wonderful and thoughtful friend.

Below it are two fat quarters and a button with a quote to live by from Lisa at Sunlight in Winter Quilts.  No reason, she just wrote me a note that said here's the fabric you commented that you loved so much.  She's using it in her Snowflake Shimmer QAL.  Like WHAT a darling!  Both these sweet ladies live in southern Ontario too, makes me want to arrange a get-together somehow... (and that might be happening with one of them in the very near future, right Cindy?!)

Here's a peak at what has been keeping me well and truly 'back to business' as mentioned in my last post.  I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! See the light at the end of the tunnel on this quilt, and I am SO excited.
Everything is done as of this post but for finishing quilting the final border, which may involve pretty fancy feathers, and echoes and fillers.  (highly doubtful I'll have a Friday finish; my name isn't Judy LOL).  Here you see some Judi Madsen, some Leah Day and some Kathleen Riggins inspired FMQ.

All right a bit more secret sewing to do tonight, so TTFN, that's ta-ta for now, and wish me luck on the OMG; I don't have a good track record, both in remembering to link up and in completing my goals, gulp....
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  1. You all are so creative with the round robin! Good luck on getting yours quilted! Beautiful pic on the lake!

  2. Good luck with your goal. At least it is a mini. ;) I would have a hard time cutting into that butterfly fabric too. It is gorgeous!

  3. Thirty years ago I started my married life living on Lake Erie. I miss it, especially the storms rolling in. I'm only 10 minutes from the lake now, but it's not the same. I will be drawing deep inspiration, also, from Judi Madsen this month as I start quilting a big applique project. I took classes from her in 2015 and knew that I would try her methods one day on this quilt.

  4. As for my OMG, I would like to make it you quilt my block for me, bwhahaha :) Just kidding. I love seeing both of our mini's hanging out together. I told you purple,green and blue would look good with black white and red :) Lisa and Cindy are both terrific ladies! If you get to meet up with them, you must promise that "Tish on a Stick" will also tag along for the fun.

  5. I know you can get both the quilt you are working on finished in good time (even if it's not a Friday finish) and your round robin quilt quilted this month. I bet you'll even do all kinds of other fun things! :)

  6. That lake photo is gorgeous! Love the quilting too ♥

  7. Those minis look so good! And the blue butterfly print does look good enough to chomp. :D

  8. I know you can get the quilt and mini done with a wee bit of time to spare. Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

  9. I'm betting you will have a Friday finish ;)

    Holy wow, that butterfly fabric is fabulous!! Focal fabric for sure, no cutting allowed! haha Fussy cut and a little Craft Applique ala Lara???

    You ladies knocked your round robin mini's right out of the park! They are all spectacular. It's been so much fun seeing them all come together.

    Now get back to Avril and finish that quilt! LOL

  10. Having watched your round robin from afar I love how Cindy pulled all the elements of your mini together in the final round . And yiurs for tish looks good too .

  11. Ps it's lovely that some of you get to hang out together , I could send helen in a stick too ?

  12. I forgot to about OMG...oh well... Your round robin is wonderful. I love that last border.

  13. Look at you gettin' all fancy with the FMQ! Must be the power of positive thinking working for you: you know you can youknowyoucan

  14. I receive so much more than I give - Loving, Caring, Supporting, Reminding and Hugging (even if it is virtual). May your future be rosy and the blues limited to your fabrics and views. That butterfly fabric is definitely drool-worthy!!!

  15. Such caring friends! LOVE the Lake Erie pic!!


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