Friday, September 16, 2016

More Stash Additions

I had planned to post this on Sunday, but with Craftsy announcing a Fairwell to Summer Sale this weekend, (see sidebar button, or click that hot link) I thought you needed to see these and maybe take advantage of some great prices...after all that's what I did during the last sale!  These are back to pretty much rock bottom prices, just so you know...  The links to these two Craftsy items are affiliate links, so enabler helping enablers helping back to enabler right?!  Full circle.

I told you that I'd finally caved and bought Blueberry Park.  Well I also bought a Cotton and Steel Fat Quarter box.  I've had my eye on these for some time.  It's a great way to get some unusual fabrics that I wouldn't necessarily buy were I browsing through a quilt shop.
40 pieces of scrumptious
There is the box of hues for your optic sense pleasure!  Isn't it fabulous?  I ran my hand over it several times, took one out, oohed and ahhed over it, wiggled it back in, and then thought okay, I need to see these!  I thought you'd like to as well.  Here are five photos of 8 fabrics each so you get an idea of what that delicious row of colour actually looks like with more than a half inch strip showing.
The top one on the left is "Spellbound" (in house designers I believe); opposite it is Rashida Coleman-Hole "Tinsel"; Melody Miller "Playful" is the jacks fabric (I love some of these retro themes); Sarah Watts "Tokyo Train Ride" is the second from the top on the left;
Unfortunately I don't know all the collections, since only a few had the selvage information on. I've left those as visible as possible.  I've said in the captions which collections I know or have found out through Google.
On the top left, is "Playful"; the very bottom is "Spellbound"; above it is Melody Miller "Mustang"; on the right second from the top is another from her "Playful" collection (one I would never have bought although I sure do remember the Viewmaster!); the very top on the right is Alexia Marcelle Abegg "Mesa"

On the very bottom right is Kimberly Kight  "Cookie Book"; second from the top on the right is another piece from "Spellbound"

The top left is "Mustang";

Sarah Watts "August" top left, Rashida Coleman-Hale "Moon Rabbit" is second from the bottom left

If you recognize any of these, and I haven't mentioned the collection, please let me know in the comments. I have always been a bit of a nerd about fabric designers.  :-)

Let's open the Blueberry Park, shall we?!  Here are the 25 fat quarters you get:

So this is a moment where I need to quote my daughters.
I.  Can't.  Even.

Opening this pack for this post was like Christmas.  Like a box of 25 of my favourite chocolates where I savour each one (and those I don't care for, I generously give to MacGyver lol).  I did not realize these are printed onto Kona cotton.  So I am sure each one has its own assigned colour so you can coordinate with solids.  May I just say two things?
1.  I want to have a DREAMi moment (Drop Everything And Make it)
2.  I bought this for no specific quilt purpose, and...

Hope you stock up on a wee bit of insulation for the Fall!  I'm off to enjoy every.  Single.  Precious.  Moment.
with this most adorable, intelligent, kind, patient, polite, skilled 8-year-old (like HOW???) boy!  He was working on another Lego while I was working on this post!

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  1. I am drooling! I can see why you jumped on these goodies! I'm not 'schooled' on fabric lines, or Cotton & Steel...but who cares! Its a fabulous stash!

  2. Lovely stash additions; the Blueberry Park in particular tugs at me. Enjoy your time with that precious boy!!

  3. So the first thing I have learned from this post is to get my FQ's out of their boxes, stat, when I get home and really look at them! I've been too afraid to disturb them to enjoy them :) And look at little MacGyver sitting there building with his legos! If he wasn't allergic, I would drive up there this weekend and give him a cat and then play legos with him.

  4. Have fun with your new stash! Petting is good until a project springs up or maybe a squirrel comes along.

  5. Be careful - tish always has a cat to rehome !

  6. Strange , rereading this blog post and commenting above , I could have sworn I had already commented . I still love the blueberry park and interesting to see your c&s are different cuts to those sue and I got earlier .

  7. I have come to realize that there is no sweeter gift to arrive in the mailbox than a bundle of luscious fabric. To see it in photos is one thing (and a good thing at that), but to actually hold and fondle it is HEAVEN!!! My husband has no clue as to the happiness it brings me, but I'm so tickled to know I'm not alone understanding that feeling! Enjoy it all!

  8. Sandra, those are all beautiful! So fun to see what you got. I love the Jacks fabric, but the Blueberry Park is my favorite! What great color! Have fun!

  9. I actually took advantage of that sale and bought the same box of Cotton and Steel along with another one that was available. My fabric choices have changed lately, so I've had fun discovering these new fabrics. I'm on my way out the door soon to St Mary's for QuiltX...I hope to find some more new and exciting additions to my new stash!

  10. Last year I very unwisely signed up for a Patch Work City BOM. Due to unforseen circumstances, all those fabrics are still sitting in their untouched plastic bags. I recognize quite a few of the same fabrics you got in your C&S assortment. Of course my fabric cuts are mostly smaller and who knows when I'll ever use them but it will be fun to see what you do with yours.

  11. I am sure you are enjoying your family time. I just convinced a friend to buy some Cotton and Steel for her dad's quilt I am helping her with. They have some great masculine prints.

  12. What beautiful fabric. Can't wait to see what you make with it all. I'm a little jealous.......

  13. Yay for time with your little guy!
    That is a truly drool worthy haul of fabrics, LOL.

  14. re reading old posts, and looking at that box again on craftsy, would be the perfect addition to the one i already have


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