Friday, March 23, 2018

30 Quilt Designs Challenge Second Draw

I did the second draw last night. Each person that had submitted any number of designs from 11-20 got that many numbers and then I did the Random Number Generator on the total. Velda of Freckled Fox Quiltery was the winner! There are 16 participating this year, wow! A few have not quite kept up, and a few have joined in just within the last week or two!  The final draw is April 15 for 30 designs, so if you have fallen a wee bit behind (I, myself only have 19) it's not too late to catch up. All those who complete 30 will be entered. Remember to add colour, and to design a quilt, not just a block, so we see what it would look like as part of a quilt. 😉

Here are four collages of recent designs. I've included the Instagram name of each quilter, in case you want to follow her!

Aren't they all just so very fabulous?!
Thanks so very much to Melody of The Red Hen Shop for being my main sponsor this year. She has donated three prizes, two $15 gift cards for draws 1 and 2, and a $50 one for the final draw!

Darla is my second sponsor for the challenge this year! She contacted me, wanting to offer a prize, and I said, "Sure!" She is offering a $25 gift card to her shop, Clinton Modern Creative, which will also go out to someone in the 30 completed designs category!

And, finally, I have a Craftsy's Dutch Garden charm pack that I am going to send out, with a copy from my Craftsy store (affiliate link--remember to check out their fabulous SALE; I wouldn't steer you wrong) of my Blue Skies & Sunny Days pattern to a third winner in the final draw! One of these days I will get oh, the other four patterns all typed up, just needing EQ diagrams, and into my Craftsy and Etsy shops... A huge thank you to all those who are participating; it means a ton. 😍 Now I'm off to write the post on my done and dusted aunt's quilt! If you want to see what Dutch Garden looks like, check back in a couple of hours for that finish post.


  1. Such creativity and a fun challenge! Maybe next time I'll get to join in :-)

  2. Such a variety of designs! Lots of pretty stuff there.

  3. I fell behind...I'm so far behind there's no way to even pretend that I'm playing along. I'll try again next year.


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