Thursday, March 15, 2018

Postcard Swap Finish

Welcome to TGIFF!

A little over a month ago, Patty of Elm Street Quilts decided to host a Postcard Swap. I decided to join in, because, well I wasn't very busy in the month of March....snort.😂 I quite like mini quilts, and wanted to push myself a little in the creativity department. I like challenges. You got one word from your partner, and you gave one word as a clue to what you'd like.

I won't tell you the word I got for my partner, nor who she is, because it just got mailed off today. Was it a fun project to do! I did a little detective work on her blog to get a feel for her personality and quilting style. We are similar in several ways, and although I'm not familiar with her blog, I will be following her from now on.😁

Here is my postcard!

Again, I wish the camera could capture the glint of light on the Sulky Holoshimmer thread I used on the ocean section.

What is amazing to me is that the scene I chose I drove right by in the summer of 2007, and I may have stopped for a photo surprisingly close to this breathtaking spot. These huge rocks rise up out of the Pacific all along the coast, so unusual. It took a little bit of digging, but in about 10 minutes, I located the photo album (pre-iPhone photos and all digital) of that trip! MacGyver's anonymity is preserved with some chunks of beach glass, LOL. (Yeah, I have yet another beach glass bowl in the works.)
August 2007

I used an image off Google as a starting point, and took a little artistic license with it, adding in the shorebirds and the evergreen tree on the side, typical of this region of North America which has stunning ocean scenery in front of you and forest vistas immediately behind. I am no artist, but if I have an image to look at, I can usually produce a fairly reasonable copy.

I used my drawing to make the pieces for the appliqué by tracing what I'd drawn.

I made the base by piecing the sky to the ocean and then doing a gentle improv cut and sewn curved seam to add the sand.

From there it was Crafted Appliqué for the rest, oh how I love this method. You can still get Lara's book on Amazon. I save my appliqué-ready scraps between wax paper and place them in a ziploc bag for future use...and I have actually used pieces in new projects, like this one!

The tree and one of the monoliths came from a scrap from testing blocks for a Canada's 150th birthday quilt for Cindy of Stitchin at Home, and the birds from scraps from the walleye potholder I made for my husband. I prepared some black pieces for the other monoliths.

I layered the piece with one layer of Thermore by Hobbs (great thin batting for mini quilts) stitched around the appliqué shapes and then FMQ-ed the entire piece. Those birds were TINY! Cindy knows I start to twitch when I have to appliqué tiny pieces. But it was worth it. I free-motion embroidered their feet, and, as the fabric was only 2-3 threads thick at the bills, I added free-motion embroidery there too, to stabilize and define them.

Here are the threads I used, lovely beautiful Sulky rayons, all 40 weight but one 30 weight, and one Holoshimmer.

I can't show you the back, because I wrote her a message, but it's a piece of plain white. There's a layer of stiff fusible batting between the Thermore and the white fabric, making a total of four layers. I statin-stitched around all four edges with the beautiful variegated turquoise rayon, once loosely to hold everything together, and then two more rounds at 0.5. My mmm! quilts label is on the postcard back.

So that's my second finish this week! My first was the Cat-eye-doscope Plus quilt for Cheryl and Paige's book release blog hop. This is SUCH a great hop, such a great book, two terrific quilter/authors.

Update Friday March 16:

I spoke with Preeti (by iMessage) yesterday and she asked me to do her a favour in memory of her sweet precious friend, Angel, who, so very sadly, passed away yesterday. In my haste to get the TGIFF post up before I went to bed on Thursday night, I forgot to do her small request, that has the power to become huge, much like Bernie's doll quilts...

First, please read Preeti's post from yesterday. I hope you will also read the link to Angel's quilt, either by clicking there or from Preeti's yesterday post. It is strange how The Universe puts things in our path... Preeti had reached out to Amy of AmyScrapSpot, wondering how her multiple-disabilities 3-month-old baby boy, Axel, was doing, but hadn't heard in some time. Yesterday, yes, yesterday, the very day Angel died, Amy emailed Preeti back about Axel. Are you seeing a triple A-team here?  Preeti's profound sadness over the loss of Angel has now been channelled into doing something good: helping Amy with Axel's medical expenses. Amy's sister started a Go Fund Me page, (I know how DEEPLY appreciated these pages are, where people donate, anonymously or not, whatever they feel appropriate, since one was set up for my own grandson after his too-young father died last June), and Preeti is asking if you would take a moment, read her post, read Amy's about little Axel, and donate a small amount. As she says, "If 300 people gave $10 each, we'd meet out goal." I know quilters have humongous hearts, and I know that my post will see a lot of traffic this weekend, since I'm not only hosting TGIFF (and leaving it open a wee bit longer, sorry guys, made an executive decision; don't fire me) but I'm linking up my postcard finish with the other big Friday finish parties. THANK YOU for keeping my belief that there is inherent good in this world that gets my spirit so down a lot of the time.

What have you finished this week? You may link up your blog post, Flickr or Instagram post using the link up below. Remember to visit a few blogs and spread some quilty love and encouragement. Please include a link to this blog post and/or the TGIFF button, so your followers can come here to view all the great finishes! You never know, you may have your quilter ADD kick in, and have to go DRop Everything And Make It, aka DREAMi! (Come back for that link up on the last Saturday of March; see sidebar for the button which will take you to the explanation post.)

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  1. Sand, sea, and that tree at the side, a great outline there, and what super threads. great finish round the edge, that does shine.

  2. Beautiful postcard! What a lucky partner. Thank You for hosting this week!


  3. I can feel the ocean breezes looking at your gorgeous postcard. Great finish!

  4. I love seeing the postcards on the blogs I am following! I would like to join in next year, so we'll see if I remember! Your little postcard is really nice, and it makes me think of those ocean views I just saw a week or so ago. I'm sure she'll love it!

  5. beautiful postcard. I finished the machine quilting on a quilt now I'm adding the hand quilting to it

  6. I have really wanted to try making a fabric postcard, but haven't had luck when I've tried before. You give me hope to try again! I even have some Thermomore and fusible batting!

  7. This postcard is awesome. I love the sand with the little pebbles flowing through. Great fabric. Thanks for the hint on how you store your fabric scraps. I usually put them in a baggie, but don't put them between the was paper. I haven't added Thermore to my postcards but do the stiff fusible batting. Almost finished with an art quilt (binding going on now) and most of the Postcards quilt top (2 seams left).

  8. Why did I not know about TGIFF? I already linked up to your Postcard link (are your ears burning?). I really love your postcard and have been meaning to make something like this with some of my Grand Canyon photos so I ordered the book-thanks for that.

  9. Love it! I love the piece you used for the sand and those lovely LITTLE birds. The variegated thread, now why didn't I think of that?

  10. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I read your post. My heart overflows. Thank you Sandra. Love you so much!!!

  11. Your postcard came out wonderfully! Thanks for sharing your process! And for sharing Preeti's story. I hope more quilters will step up and give!

  12. I love your postcard quilt. The thermore is an interesting batting isn't it? I haven't used it for awhile and did for my post in a few days - my new method! Thanks for the reminder about Axel, I do hope that she gets a few more donations as a result.

  13. I'm glad I came back for a second look at your postcard and found your edit and the linky still open. Shared your message on my latest post. xx

  14. Sandra, your postcard turned out super-fantastic! Those *are* teeny tiny birds - so very sweet on the landscape, and the sparkles in the FMQ are perfect. I know they show so much better in real life, so I can only imagine how nice that actually turned out!


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