Thursday, March 1, 2018

Throwback Thursday #3 "A Dent in My Stash"

Welcome to the third TBT. This is a quilt I made specifically for the Florida condo we used to have. We'd already bought a red couch to be a little daring, and were decorating in earth tones with a few hits of beachiness.
I just had to get a shot of the quilt in the early morning sun; these colours really glow.
I'd picked up the free pattern a couple of years prior to actually making this at the annual sewing show, Creative Stitches, in Edmonton from a Saskatchewan quilt shop. It was a really cool method at that time, to sew strips around a square and then slash apart the square in unequal segments. You then sewed them back together randomly, mixing up the fabrics.

You can see two of the blocks that are created below:

You rotated the blocks so colours aren't beside each other, using 12 fabrics in total.
A closer look at the border motif, quilted with a black Sulky rayon

The border motif I quilted is a fun leaf in alternating directions. This is a Kathy Sandbach design. Seeing her on Alex Anderson's 'Simply Quilts' and buying both her books really made a major impact on my FMQ skills.

In the green batik border I quilted a wavy line, and then I did various leaves across all of the blocks.

Here is the back, snuggly warm flannel (perfect flor Florida lol). These are both leftovers, the green from my mum's 70th birthday quilt, and the blue from a quilt I made for our family, the pattern and kit I picked up at that very same sewing show that year! This is in the shaded area of our yard so the colour is a bit greyed out. Compare this shot to the one after it...
LOL notice I even had to piece in a third bit of flannel, the tan strip by the label!

And the label:

Originally we had it on the red couch, but after I made 'Cloud Nine' (you can see a glimpse of it in the photo below) and liked the aquas against the red, I moved it to the IKEA storage bench we use in the entryway.

Rolled up:

I used one of the browns in the blocks for the binding, which is machine-stitched to the front and hand-stitched down on the back.

Here's the staged shot on the wicker love seat on our lanai:

Quilt Stats: (note that I will have to update this once we are back home, as the quilt is packed away)
Fabric:  stash
Batting: Warm 'n Natural
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann cotton; quilted with Sulky rayons

So that's my TBT!


  1. Gorgeous quilt, great to see the closeups and to hear the process. Looks like a very versatile pattern.

  2. We just bought red furniture! It's a bit big for the room, but I love it!

  3. Definitely a keeper! Love all the colors, and the great story too!

  4. The cut and rotate technique is a lot of fun for mixing and matching. The quilt looks great in your current Florida abode, too!

  5. A fun quilt to make! I like your fmqing, it looks great!

  6. Very pretty, Sandra! I love that pattern for the blocks. Very versatile. And it's funny that you put flannel on the back of a Florida quilt! Sometimes I think a single piece of flannel would be just the right weight for ALL the bedding here. No sheet, no quilt, just the flannel :)

  7. Ah, so pretty in the sunshine—and I switched to my computer to take a better look so these tired old eyes could truly the quilting. Have a great trip back. I hope you are fretted with sunshine up north. (Not the case today—we’re back in winter again, but hey it’s March, so it won’t last, right?)

  8. Beautiful. All those cosy warm colours, I think I would have a very hard time parting myself from the quilt :)


  9. Nice throwback share! Love that morning light photo's glow, and the leaf quilting is very nice. It was perfect on the bench under that artwork, and so pretty on the lanai. I was too swamped to pull out a quilt to do up for this month, but I see the link is open a couple more days (yay!), so I'll try to get one photo-op'd tomorrow.

  10. Those colours are identical to the quilt you gave me!

  11. gorgeous quilt and still so useable. My daughter and I were talking about some of my early quilts, she says I should link some of them up with you. So I will, next time.

  12. Just beautiful! It looks pretty cuddly, too! I zoomed in on the label and it says 2009. Your FMQ skills were great even back then!

  13. Reminds me of fall. Your lanai with the quilt is so inviting. I can just picture myself there with you - sipping hot tea and eating spicy snacks, talking a mile a minute. Ah someday....


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