Thursday, March 29, 2018

I Like/Love #14

This is the second 'I Like' post in March, bu this is because I missed doing one for February. I honestly could write one of these each day, as there as just so many times I smile to myself or to the world, or my heart swells a little with gladness about something. Sorry if I sound like a goober, but it's true.

1. I like beach glass, and I am loving creating stuff with my finds along the shore of Lake Erie, particularly Seacliff Beach which has a great supply of it.
Here's another shaped bowl that I'm working on. It's addictive, much like doing a jigsaw puzzle, where you tell yourself, "I'm just going to fit in a couple more pieces..." and half an hour later you've fit in 10. It's a slow process that needs patience: finding the right shape, working on a small section at a time or risking the pieces sliding around in the glue and not staying where you'd carefully placed them!

2. I love locally-grown produce. Living in Essex County, also known as the Sun Parlour, means we are surrounded by locally grown veggies and fruits. In fact, just this year, several greenhouses are now growing strawberries year round! Here is a recent container I bought of Kingsville Campari tomatoes, labelled in the store as 'candy' tomatoes (love that):
Sunset is owned by the Mastronardi family for four generations (and yes there's a winery owned by another Mastronardi family; lots of Italians in this area).

3. I love pussy willows, and seeing these on March 15 outside my window made my day!

4. I love music. This, like my love of nature, comes back again and again in these posts. I especially love live music. On March 17 we had the pleasure of spending an evening at Caesar's Palace Colosseum to see Carlos Santana. He will be 71 this summer, and wow, the man can still play, his supple fingers strolling and strumming across the strings of his guitar. Whether it was that driving Latin/African drumbeat that gets you in your solar plexus, wild racing across the strings, or the plaintive melodies of a ballad played violin-like, he had me, well, the entire audience in his very capable hands the entire night. I loved his message mid-point: "No walls, no boundaries, less religion, less politicians, good energy, let it move you, bring you together!"

Caesar's Palace, Windsor, lit up in green on my left, taken from inside our SUV, and then looking to the right out my window, a nighttime view of downtown Detroit that never gets old. I didn't notice until I edited the photo that there are two Canada geese on the grass in the Detroit skyline! And yes, for those of you who don't realize it, I took the photos from the SUV in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and literally across that river, the Detroit River, is Detroit, Michigan, USA. And it's north of Windsor, just to mess with your mind! Another music like is that a week after this concert, I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Juno Awards on CBC TV, and I am no fan of awards shows! Makes my heart swell to hear and see all the Canadian talent.

5. I love a fancy latte from time to time. I especially love a Caramel Coretto from Second Cup.
Sadly, there is but one in Essex County, but we stopped to grab one ahead of the concert. I knew I'd need the hit of caffeine as the concert only started at 9 pm! Second Cup is very similar to Starbucks, which we do have in Canada as well, but my personal preference is Second Cup. I do like Tim Horton's too though, but they can't do a latte like these guys or Starbucks for that matter. I also LOVE the fact that I hadn't been for several months, and wasn't sure how much was left on my card...well! Score! There was enough for both coffees and then some, yippee! The third like in that photo is my handmade coffee cozy, a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop, made with Henry Glass 'Better at the Lake' fabrics that I was given for the Desire to Inspire Challenge I am so proud to have been chosen for.
That photo also has my mad love: my newly renovated kitchen that has taken the better part of a year. We, no, MacGyver just installed a couple of new lighting and fan fixtures, and I will be giving you the entire lowdown on it very shortly!

6. I love our beautiful planet, I am deeply worried about its welfare, and try hard to make my footprint as light as possible. I did honour Saturday, March 24's Earth Hour, setting aside a project with a looming deadline, and living by candlelight, both real and battery-powered flame.
A nice ambiance no?

I won't be able to respond in a timely manner to comments as we are off on a short trip, but I'll do my best!


  1. I am just curious about where you live. My husband grew up in East Springfield, PA which is just a few miles from Lake Erie. The last time we were there, we had fun visiting the 3 light houses in Erie. Nancy A:

  2. I enjoy these posts very much, Sandra! I love your upbeat enthusiasm for all the joys of life, tempered gently by your acknowledgment of tough times, too. I'm glad this week is leaning heavily toward the former for you!

  3. Safe journey to and from! I have never had a Caramel Coretto from Second Cup, guess I need to broaden my horizons a wee bit.

  4. I always enjoy your I Like posts, Sandra! Your beach glass creations are wonderful - I've only ever found a handful of beach glass; I must be looking in the wrong place! Perhaps a trip to Seacliff Beach should be on my list. :) Pussywillows remind me of growing up in Upstate New York, and Carlos Santana sounds like he puts on an amazing concert!

  5. I like your post.

  6. Lots to like about your post. I'm so jealous you got to see Carlos Santana. My Guy plays classical and electric guitar so Carlos is a big favorite around this house.

  7. The sea glass is so much fun! I have been to Windsor but when I was very young. I spent 7 years in Livonia Michigan - a suburb of Detroit. I probably told you this before. I have to send you a picture of our cottage sign - sea glass. AND speaking of planet - due to recycling - there is much less sea glass than there once was (a double edged sword). Peace.


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