Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Postcard from Sweden Step 4

How did this come up so fast? That feeling has nothing to do with the rather full plate of things I have on the go right now, no. It's all good though. Two weeks ago, at the last link-up, I had 20 links! That is stupendous whenI think back to when Helen of Midget Gem Quilts and I first said let's do this together... and what if we invited others?

So Step 3 was to sew all those HSTs into a top.

I had a little unsolicited 'help' from one of my sewing loft fur kids this morning as I sewed like a mad woman to get to the half way point of my flimsy. It's like having a 2 or 3-year-old all over again!

She was channeling Maru, Japanese cat of IG fame who LOVES boxes. Try as she might, shuffling my HSTs neatly clipped together with clothespegs, a few in baggies (my system: I know 11 and 12, Mango and Kumquat, are in a baggie toward the back of basket 1; rather alarming that I know several of the colours by number now; in case you needed to know 23 is Cerise, 17 Delft - am I going daft?!) where was I? Oh yeah, try as she might, shuffle as she did, she could not quite get her entire little 6-pound body in a basket!

Here's half of my finished flimsy:

Sorry for the inside shot, but it rained most of the day yesterday and the grass and deck are still wet. Speaking of daft, I've been faithfully saving the trimmings, thinking they might make for a pretty glass jar or beach glass bowl decoration:
My pretties! 
When I start talking to them, and calling them, "My pre-e-e-shussss," you'll know to send the men in white suits to my house.

Step 4, the final step, is to quilt that pretty flimsy into a finished, useable quilt! Now, as CEO of this QAL, LOL, I'm thinking about pushing the date back a week for the final parade. I'd bet most would be totally fine with that; so far I only know of one completely finished quilted and bound quilt!😊 I have seen quite a few flimsies out there, and, I've seen a King-size one!!!🙌  And I've seen a mini with squares that finished at 1.5"!👏  These should show up in the linky below, so be sure to check back. So that means the final parade will be April 18, not the 11th. I'll update the original post with the dates on to reflect this change. Hope that gives you a little breather!

One quick announcement is that I'd asked, on behalf of Preeti, if any of my readers could please help out little Axel, a sweet baby boy with multiple medical issues, belonging to Amy of Amy Scrap Spot by donating to his Go Fund Me page. Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts started this effort, which you can read about here. Well, as of yesterday, his page has gone over the goal, but you can still donate, and there are many wonderful prizes for those who do. The draw is April 1. Please consider donating, as Preeti said when she first announced this, 300 $10 gifts would meet his goal. As per usual, I am blown away by the quilting community's generosity and quick response. Preeti just announced yesterday that she has another quilt in Moda Bakeshop too, if you hadn't seen it!

Link up time!


  1. The trimmings are glorious! Are you going to do anything with them (I do just throw mine out, but I'm always curious for new ideas)?

    1. And then I immediately remembered you said decoration. Yup. One of those days, haha.

  2. I like the trimmings too. I was thinking about how pretty my trash looked with them all in it. I should have put them out for the birds as nesting material. Maybe we would have had pretty rainbow bird nests? :D

  3. Your cat needs a bigger box/basket to lay in.

  4. Bella needs her own box to sit in, might as well be a comfortable supervisor.

  5. Congrats on all the progress. I love the way this quilt just simmers, no matter the colors or the size.

  6. Meant to say , so glad finish is now 18th April not 11th ! I can sleep now !