Friday, May 11, 2018

Hands 2 Help Check In

I haven't written much about my Hands2Help quilts, but trust me, they are in production, both of them. I wanted to do a quick post to show you the flimsy of the first one.

Here's how it evolved:
Last year Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts won a $25 gift certificate to Sew Sisters Quilt Shop (big sale this weekend, no affiliation, just enabling, as per usual). Well Preeti gave the gc to me because she said the postage would take the majority of it. I said well, I'd put it toward some Canada fabric that I wanted to use for a Syrian refugee quilt as one of my 2017 H2H charities. She approved! So I spent it and then some ha, and got a bunch of Canada fabric. However, the quilt didn't get made last year; I made the originally planned one for refugees.

So this year is the year. I just hadn't decided what pattern to do, and was letting it percolate, and getting a few ideas.... Then came the Humboldt bus crash tragedy. I made a half dozen blocks for the call for quilts. That pattern was it!
I played with arrangement: all the same orientation, or twist and turn?
Not only are mine and Preeti's fabrics in here, but also there is the Canadian cities fabric my brother sent me, leftovers from a jacket he had made for a Canada 150th Sesquicentennial thing at work. You will also see more Canada fabric he sent me which I'm using for the backing, in my finish post. Or maybe it will be an added pic or two to this one as it's about to be loaded onto Avril my longarm.

I settled upon alternating every other block and sewed up the twelve blocks in no time at all, entirely pieced on Tillie my little '51 Featherweight. It's her turn right now to work; Billie, my little '47 girl, is resting, but wanting to come out to play and keep in gear, nice and oiled and smooth too!
Oops, I see I have it upside down there; I aimed to have the big blocks of text fabric all one way.
Here is a funny outtake that I wish you could see 'live' in the Photos app, typical of often windy days here by Lake Erie.

I might not be on top of responses to comments this next little bit, so I hope (well I know) you'll forgive me. Brady will be 'in the house' in a few hours! I made him some new pj shorts as he's grown right out of his Frozen ones I made him a couple of years ago.
They turned out great! Sure hope they fit him okay but I made size 12 hoping they'll be baggy, as pjs should be. This is some of the fabric I bought off my friend who is de-stashing.

Speaking of her fabric, here are two pics of some more of it, 'Woodland' by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches for Lecien Fabrics.

Please shoot me an email ephdra(at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in buying any of this. It has been pre-washed, but is from a non-smoking home. $4/yard, minimum half yard cut. Postage extra!

A quick note:💥💝🎉🎊Starting today, this weekend is a free Watchathon at Craftsy (no code necessary) that I know I'll be partaking in... well, I hope to, here and there, especially when MacGyver and Brady are pounding away in the new garage that is now complete, well, inside it they'll be putting up drywall...
All done but finishing off the inside!
Linking up with the last check-in at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Oh, and one more thing: this is the final day for Week 3 of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. Go here for the links to the blogger in my hive and the co-hosts, and the giveaway. Winners will be announced on Sunday.


  1. Enjoy your time with Brady! Love your Canada top!

  2. I haven't been showing my H2H projects either, I need to get them quilted. Just not enough time for everything!! Thanks for the heads up on free Craftsy viewing:)

  3. Love Brady's new pj shorts -- just right for a boy, I think! Oh, the Craftsy viewing is not a squirrel I need today. Must keep sewing! Maybe I'll sneak a few in though!!

  4. The quilt tops look wonderful, and enjoy your time with Brady!

  5. Oo, thanks for the reminder about the Watchathon! We actually have a bit of free wifi so I might be able to partake. Your H2H quilt is looking mighty fine, and Brady's shorts turned out great. I hope you have a wonderful visit :)

  6. Brady has been on my mind lately because I haven't seen anything about him. But then you are busy and can't cover everything in every post. Enjoy your visit with him. Great quilt top. So generous of Preeti to donate the GC.

  7. It looks great. I was working on my charity quilt today. Brady's shorts are adorable. Have a great time with him.

  8. Very fun quilt! That pattern really shows off all those themed prints. Enjoy your weekend with Brady. Love those pirate pjs!

  9. Great quilt! I really like the prints and the border fabric is awesome.

  10. Don't you just love that quilt block?! It looks great and goes so fast. And it seems that the arrangements are endless. Your top looks so pretty with the magnolia tree. (wind doing its work on both petals and quilt) What's with those kids and growing, anyway? Have fun with Brady! Neat that he is able to help out with the garage.

  11. I"ve been awol for a bit Sandra so have just had a lovely catchup read. I hope the Brady visit went well and he enjoyed his PJ shorts as well as helping make good progress on the shed. Your H2H quilt flimsy is gorgeous... and intersting to hear the story behind the fabrics!

  12. Hi Sandra: I haven't been reading the blog posts so much or writing any myself for a while. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Brady as you love the little guy so much. Lisa


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