Thursday, May 3, 2018

Throwback Thursday #5 Herbs Cushion Cover & OMG

When I decided upon just which pre-blogging quilt I would write about, I realized this post would serve as my TBT as well as my OMG! Heh? How can that be? Read on to find out. Guilty secrets, true confessions, baring my UFO soul for all to see...

That is the pillow as it lives, for the past oh, 9-10 years, on my bed amongst several others. All the others there are tout fini. All finished. They range in age from the candle-wicking one, made in 1984-ish, to the Meadow Dance aqua/white/black one made in September 2017.

I'd already embroidered one Crabapple Hill pattern, and fallen in love with her designs. I always, always had some kind of handwork with me, be it knitting or embroidery, and this was so portable. I need to get back in that habit. I think aging eyes 😩 that don't see up close very well anymore are part of the reason I don't embroider like I used to. Here it is on the freshly mowed, new, I-could-just-chomp-on-it spring grass, off the pillow form:

I love these soft feminine colours, both the fabrics and threads. The 9-patch that is the centre is comprised of nine different cream low-volume fabrics before low-volume was a 'thing'. There's a little of my hoarded precious Nancy Halvorsen ' True Friends' fabrics by Benartex...who knew all these years later, this company would be such a huge part of my quilting life. The main floral fabric is a piece I'd bought thinking of using it for a kaleidoscope background fabric, but it was just so perfect for this cushion cover, that I used it all up here. The pink single-fold binding is machine-stitched to the front and hand-stitched down to the back. It's a left over piece of Moda Marbles--(How do I remember things like that? Oh, but I do. However, where I set my phone down 15 minutes ago? No clue. MacGyver threatened today to fix some kind of idiot strings to it...) --Moda Marbles from my mum's 70th birthday quilt. Okay then. That tells me it would be about 11 years old then as my mum is 81. See the value of quilt labels? I'm ticked I didn't put one on this.

Here is the back:

And this brings me to the OMG part of this TBT.  I zoomed in for you:

The blanket stitch on the back envelope edge is about 1/3 done. I had a feeling at the time that I shouldn't put it onto a pillow form because I might never finish that edge, stitched with a strand of the soft green and one of the soft pink, nor would I put on the two buttons required to close the flap. Oh, and make the buttonholes. So there it has sat (But no one will know! Well now everyone does....) for the past 11 years. So it is not just an OMG it's also a UFO! I see this on a daily basis; I pick it off my bed and set it back on the bed each day, so I touch it twice a day(!!), and it just keeps waiting patiently, every once in awhile giving me the spectacles slipped down the nose, eye-piercing look over the tops of them, 'So uh, hello? Anytime... You could finish me properly...' So I would like to finish embroidering that edge and make the buttonholes, sew on the buttons and call it done! I hope to do this by the end of May.

You may think this is a rather cheesy UFO/OMG, like I've had a lot more ambitious ones, try last month's? Two!! Both of which I did not complete... So I'm keeping it simple, but it's also got a catch: I have NO clue where, well a vague idea, my embroidery threads are. They sat in the Storage Box for five months last year and because I knew this loft was going to be renovated, I haven't set all my sewing stuff up, just the stuff I really need and use daily, so embroidery threads? Nuh-uh. The other hard part of this UFO/OMG is finding buttons. Same reason as embroidery thread. But also, did I buy some for this project? Or must I go out and buy some? So you see, not as easy-peasy a goal as it first appears.

Wish me luck!

Let's see what pre-blogging quilts with their stories (I love love love the stories) you've got for us this month!

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  1. Love the soft colors of the pillow, that's a whole lot of stitching on a small piece!!
    I hope you are able to find your thread:)

  2. Lovely pillow. I read all the way to the end. I have a few of those type of things laying around too and they are starting to resurface. My goal is always to be able to link up to OMG but sometimes I fall a little short. I think it is good for us to have those large goals so we can be much more closer to finishing them than we were. I have so so many things to finish!

  3. It is such a treasure, Sandra. I usually just look at pictures in quilt blogs but I always read every word you write - it's always a nice story.
    I have throwback quilts but not enough time to write a blog post :-(

  4. I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing an UFO is just inches away from you. I can send you some embroidery threads in case you need to jumpstart your Bed and Breakfast career. These Throwback Thursday posts are fun; I know thers a lot of stories out there to share.

  5. Love the ohh so soft colours of your pillow. I haven't embroidered in years, heck I finally picked up my crochet hooks handwork seems to be a thing of the past.

  6. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

  7. What a lovely throwback moment and so beautiful. I have never associated you with hand sewing and embroidery, but this is beautiful 😀 loving all the cushions. You were a trendsetter even back then..low volume eh missus 😘 love and hugs xx

  8. Very, very pretty! Good luck finally finishing this one off.

  9. Well, a bonus week for you with a TBT and OMG together! I have had a few of those undone projects that "nag" at me until I can no longer stand it. It's a pretty pillow, finished as is or not.

  10. Well, hmm. It looked finished to me until you had to go spill the beans. I take the easy way out with pillows and just do the envelope back. The blanket stitch will be pretty though, so I hope you find your threads—or you can go out and buy ten different ones because there are too many to choose from.😀 I used to have a weakness for buttons. Antique ones would be fun! That was such a pretty take-along project, and I’m tickled that you still have it on your bed, finished or not.

  11. That little pillow has definitely been very patient with you :) I think it's time has come and both you and it will feel better. Those little embroidered herbs remind me so much of my cross stitched ones that lead me to quilting. Our shared brain...I'll have to text them to you...I think you'll have a chuckle. It's like we've known each other's scary.

  12. It was fun to see your sweet herb cushion. I stitched something similar for my daughter in 2012, (just had to run and check my quilt folder). Nicky was working at the Herb Farm at the time making soaps and lotions from plants, and still has an avid interest in herbs and plants, making her own tincture, vinegar and tea blends.

  13. Your pillow is beautiful. Good luck finishing that laaaast little bit!

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