Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Plus Playtime QAL: Row 2 Construction

I'm wondering how many of you are already done part, or all, of row 2?! This second quilt I am making as part of the QAL was started as a leader/ender, and it wasn't long before it sort of took centre stage and I had several blocks together! The main page with links to all the steps is here.

The construction continues, in columns, as before, six columns per block. Note that the background for row 2 is all your shadow plus fabric.

A tip on pressing

Within each block, press all horizontal seams for columns one, three and five down. Press all seams for columns two, four and six up. This ensures that in the few places where seams do nest, you can butt them up against each other for a crisp line. Alternatively, you may choose to press all your seams open.

For row 2, be sure to press all your vertical seams to the left so that when you join the three rows, all seams butt up against each other, or nest together nicely!

Here is the diagram for block four:

Block five:

Block six:

Here is my row 2:

How about a prize draw this week?  Tayva of Stitch Stash Diva is my main sponsor.

She generously has offered two $25 gift certificates for part-way-through check-in points. 🎉 For this draw, all you have to do is link up a blog post, or Instagram or Flickr (now Smug Mug) post/photo that shows your row 1 blocks and either row 2 or the start of row 2 blocks. Think of it as showing about 4 or 5 blocks, so half the quilt top. Please be sure to tag me on Instagram, @mmmquilts and hashtag the QAL, #plusplaytimeqal  Wow! I haven't looked for a couple of weeks, and what a pleasant surprise! There are some absolute beauties in that hashtag pool! Please add yours!

**If you don't do any of those social media platforms, not to worry! Email me a photo, and I will link it for you through my Instagram account. My email is: ephdra (at) gmail (dot) com.

Instagram is super-easy, just sayin'; my mum at 81.5 years young had been using it for about three years, and found it a great way to keep in touch with goings-on in her family, as well as sending links to photos or articles worthy of sharing. If your Instagram is private, consider setting up a public one just for quilting, which is what I do.

There will be another $25 draw for the finished flimsy stage, so save those photos for next month...which is next week, ha, when I'm back for row 3! I will announce the winners in next week's post.

Thanks so much for joining in. It's not too late to join in as the finished quilt parade isn't until July 5. Kits are still available from:

Go here to visit Mad About Patchwork; I will double-check, but it looks like they've sold out of kits.

Go here (Gleaned) or here (Alison Glass) to view two choices of fabric kits for the dancing plus blocks.
Note that both kits require you to provide your own background and shadow plus fabrics. Now that I am back home and trying to find a routine again, I will be sewing up the kit I bought from CMC.

See you next week for row 3 construction and tips on quilting the quilt.


  1. Didn't I get read about row 1??? Where does the time go??? Good thing, I laid out all my blocks on the design wall last night. Guess it's time to get sewing. ☺

  2. I best get busy! I love your blocks and background!

  3. Lovely brights in the plus pieces against your background, and Melody's cat, @lutzcats photo, a great addition to her blocks.

  4. Hi Sandra,
    Oops - I uploaded the wrong post first. Please feel free to remove it. Geez, I need more coffee. I love and adore this pattern! It is going to be my new go-to for a baby quilt going forward. Move over nine-patch, you are no longer the favorite. Thanks for having this QAL, Sandra. It is fabulous. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Hi Sandra,
    I hate to be a pest, but I wanted to let you know how great this pattern is. Not only do I have the QAL quilt top all together (shh, don't tell anyone) but we have been asked to make another one. And I will gladly do so - this time a lap sized one. So thank you for sharing your creative goodness with us. Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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