Friday, October 2, 2015

Just Call Me a Bag Lady

Two finishes on a Friday, with hopefully a third this evening!  These makeup bags were on my Q3FAL list.  I have just found out that they WILL qualify, since Adrian at On the Windy Side, host of the linky wrote on Monday, and I quote, "...opening soon on September 30, in fact. You'll then have a week to get your very last minute finishes done and linked up before the linky closes on 6 October at 11 pm PST."  Woo hoo! Not that I have ever won one of the fabulous prizes, but still, it's a good feeling to have another goal done!

This is a pattern by Lazy Girl Designs, a bag I have made, oh, six times to date sewn with a perfect Art Gallery fabric I got this past spring from for the outside of the bag.  I have two of these bags, in different fabrics, and I use and love them both.  These two are for my daughters, Brianne and Dayna.

in progress shot
I did Fervent from Christina Cameli's book, Step by Step Free Motion Quilting on Dayna's bag, which is the all white stitched one.  On Brianne's I was going to just do some straight-line walking foot quilting, maybe a little matchstick quilting...but as you can see I didn't.  I did a ribbon in one section, and Impulsive out of Christina's book, which is harder to do than it looks in another!  Once I was done, I realized it mirrored the tendrils around a couple of the heads! Wish I could say I planned that!  Feathers went in the centre two sections.  I don't think there is a quilt yet that I haven't done some kind of a feather design on...

The pink zipper was bought with a bag for Brianne in mind, since she actually admired my own pink poinsettia one I first made about 5 or more years ago, and said, "You should make me one."  This is the daughter that does not like quilts.  I sent her a photo of this fabric, asking if she'd like a quilt out of it, but nope.  When I said maybe a makeup bag? she said yes.  The ivory zipper was bought with a jacket for myself in mind, but with the zipper tabs I have come to know and love, it was easily cut down to size for Dayna's bag.  Dayna loves quilts.  They 'migrate' to her house on a regular basis, most often in the winter when she thinks they are lonely all by themselves while we are in Florida.  I like that serendipity struck again, when I realized that the zipper plackets almost lined up for the face and hair sections of the heads!  However, the hair is not specific to the head it's perched on but you'd never know that unless I pointed it out.
On one side the heads are nicely centred, but on the other, as you can see on Brianne's bag here, they aren't.  I sewed down the zipper tabs on one end of each bag, as you can see on Dayna's, and left the other end sticking out so you have a place to grip when opening or closing the zipper.

Inside view
Brianne's is lined in the polka dot pink which I found in my LQS in North Port, FL this past spring.  Dayna's is lined in the same line, Art Gallery's Cherie, French text print.  For the pockets, 4 on one side, 3 on the other, Brianne's were done with that French text print and Dayna's were done with a Timeless Treasures shoes print (she LOVES shoes, has done since she was about 2 and would clomp around in our tiled entryway in each of my piano student's shoes, finding the ones that clicked nicely on the floor).

This arrived in the mail two days ago from my mum.  She wrote inside,
To one "bag lady"
From another
Think it's a thank you for the bag I made her this summer.  What a great card!

This is the third quilted makeup bag I've made each daughter!  They each got a Pyramid Pouch, and several years ago a little bag with handles from Quilts 'n More magazine.

Bag Stats:
Pattern: Take Along Bags by Lazy Girl Designs
Fabric:  Art Gallery Cherie, Timeless Treasures Fabrics of Soho and unknown pink polka dots
Size:  approximately 14X6"
Batting:  Warm 'n Natural scraps
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Sulky rayon in pink 1109 and ivory 1082

I'm also linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, Confessions of a Fabric Addict and TGIFF as well as with On the Windy Side.


  1. Dana's habit of aiding the great quilt migration cracks me up Sandra. Talk about the ultimate compliment!
    Oh Woman of Many Talents, you also taught piano?!
    These two bags are just great! Your girls are going to love them!
    Your mum's card is sweet and funny. :)

  2. Love your bags! I'm sure your two girls will love them too! Hooray for zipper tabs!
    Pugs and kisses,

  3. Very cool bags - that fabric is ideal! Great work, well done!

  4. Sandra, they turned out just wonderfully! I totally thought that woman's hair matched up perfectly, still do actually. . . maybe it was the designer that got it wrong in the original design ;) LOL What an awesome card from your mum! Very appropriate :D

  5. Oh Sandra those bags are absolutely darling! I love them both! Such talent! And I absolutely love the card from our Mum! If I had to choose one of those bags from that card, I could never do it, aren't they beautiful?!

  6. These are great bags. I've used a Lazy Girl pattern before, but didn't know about this pattern. Love the fabric.

  7. Awesome bags. The fabric was the perfect choice for a make-up bag. I was thinking today as I dropped Panda off at a party with a drawstring bag that next year will probably be the year of the zipper pouch for me.

  8. I haven't made any sort of bags for such a long while. For Christmas if 2012 I made so many purses - I think I burned myself out. Maybe it is time to go a round with pouches. These are adorable. I especially love the card your mom sent to you. It is perfect. I love hearing all the details on the backstory for projects like this. I am easily entertained!

  9. I know they'll love these new bags. I love mine, too, but just can't bring myself to put make up in it. It's more of a pretty thing I having sitting to admire each time I walk by it. I loved hearing how your lonely quilts migrate to Dayna's house. Hysterical!

  10. Love them both...but esp. the pink feather quilting!!

  11. Adorable bags I'm sure they'll love them.

  12. These are great bags. The fabric is perfect and I love how you personalized each back for each daughter with the fabric you selected for the lining. I really need to make some bags!
    xx, Carol

  13. Great bags. I love making pouches as presents. I haven't made that version though. One to investigate xxx

  14. brilliant card from your mum, and two brilliant pouches. I love the pink spotty bottom. (oops in different circumstances that could sound a bit rude)

  15. Your pouches are so beautiful - love the pop of colour in the one with the pink lining and zipper!
    "Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad."


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