Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bundle Up!

Another finish! Project #2......  24 more to go!

I bought this adorable pillow kit in Eugene, Oregon, when I'd gone on the Sisters, Oregon Quilt Show bus trip.  I think that was 2006.  I've actually had the embroidery done for a few years, and sewed the small pillow section last year.  It's a very odd method of construction: the embroidery gets the borders on and becomes a tiny quilt.  You then make a small 6" pillow of muslin and put it under the "quiltlet".   Next you cut both the green and the white wool pieces, using a hole punch to do the circles (cool!), and blanket-stitich the two layers together.  Finally, you stack the quiltlet and muslin pillow on top of the wool layers, and anchor all the layers together with the four buttons.  They used mother-of-pearl, but I found these snowflake buttons somewhere in my travels, and they are perfect.
A festive setting

Situational Irony (the English teacher part of me loves this!)
It's very floppy, since there is no stuffing between the two wool layers, so quite unusual.  I like it!  Confession: "necessity is the mother of invention", because I did not remember the perle cotton I have at home with which I planned to do the blanket-stitch.  I refused to drive all the way to JoAnn's to buy some, so I rummaged through my collection of threads.... I came up with a combination of Sulky 30-wt Blendable and Premium Sulky Rayon 50-wt, and it turned out just great!  I love the slight sheen from the rayon and the weight of the Blendable makes it visible.  The Snowman Placemats confession? I used rubber gloves to quilt them as my new Machingers hadn't arrived in the mail! My old Machingers are... ancient.  So I didn't even bring them down with me.
On to the next project!  Think I'm going to work on two simultaneously, since I am DYING to piece.  So, piecing a quilt top, and machine quilting one I've already finished is just the ticket!  Off to my sewing room!


  1. Oh wow that looks awesome! I think the snowflake buttons would be better than their recommended ones anyway, great idea! love the sloppiness / soft look too :)

    1. That's supposed to read "floppiness / soft look" LOL not "sloppiness"!!!


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