Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rhymes With Orange

Nothing.  Nada.  Rien.  And that is just what my collection of Sulky decorative threads had in the orange department.  So after a trip to the Bradenton Farmers' Market today, we swung by JoAnn's so I could use one of my coupons and buy a spool of thread while Joe waited in the SUV.  This tactic usually makes me stay on task.  Usually.  I also checked out the OttLite lights, (we DID agree beforehand that thread and OttLite were my two tasks!) as the light in this sewing room is dismal.  I've noticed since I turned 50 yet another physical phenomenon:  I cannot have enough light for my eyes!  Well, I got my spool of orange Sulky (with a 40% off coupon) and also scored a terrific deal on an OttLite, and so far this evening, I am loving it.  I got the OttLite 508 Illumination.  It has a revolving tray as well as a three magnifying glasses in one rectangle which is attached to the bar of the light.  (Think they designed that feature with moi in mind, ha.)  It was 50% off, and then I had my $5 off $35 coupon, so it cost me only $40!  Yay!  Okay, confession:  I did go off task a teensy bit:  I bought a spool of Gütermann invisible thread (50% off) as well as a new-to-me magazine, Quilty, which I've already put in my stocking, without looking at it!  It's the one with Christa Watson's Colorful Chevrons quilt on the front. I find it fascinating how many quilt bloggers are getting published, just in the past several months since I started following Leah Day, and now a few others.

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on this week:

I bought the kit for 2 placemats and extra fabric to make 2 more just a few years ago... Funny, but the first project I choose to work on required me to purchase white fabric (I'd brought none with me and needed white for the extra 2 snowmen) as well as backing, and today orange thread!  Darn.  Had to go to a quilt store AND JoAnn's for Sulky thread.  SO annoying. LOL.


  1. LOL THREE magnifying glasses, LOL ;p

  2. Funny, I wrote a blog post a while about "What Rhymes with Orange?" Go have a look. I think it will make you smile. There are a bunch of words with absolutely no rhyming partner!