Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Five Senses - I Am In Awe

Just had another "ahhh" (awe) moment this evening:
I am so thankful for my ears.
-whether it's the smooth sounds of Leonard Cohen, or the heart-soaring, literally expanding my ribcage melodic lines of the "Gladiator" soundtrack, specifically "Earth", or David Foster's magical syncopation of "Winter Games", or Mark Knopler's lyrics, I am just so profoundly appreciative of the ability to hear music...these are on my "Easy Listening" playlist, just a few of the 77 songs.

I am so thankful for my eyes
-even though I need a stronger pair of reading glasses, (erk!) I am seeing my snowmen placemats take shape tonight as I satin-stitch the appliqué pieces--such cheerful colours!

I am so thankful for my fingers
-picking off a piece of orange lint with tweezers that somehow got glued onto a black "coal" button, guiding the fabric, or caressing the soft fur of Bella or Rocco.

I am so thankful for my nose
-although I can't think that I used it tonight in my sewing room, unlike the above 4 senses, I guess I do love the smell in here whenever I walk in: a combination of scented candles, or the lotion (Coconut Lime Verbena) I've put on many a time in here...

Nearly forgot...I am so thankful for my tastebuds!
-that savour the fabulous marzipan covered in dark chocolate that I found at Aldi this afternoon for only $1.19!! (I must confess I bought 4 bars...they'll keep a long (ha!) time in the fridge.)  Okay, AND the dark chocolate bar called "Choceur", from Austria, that I also got at Aldi...yup, I keep a good supply in my sewing room.  Always.

May they always work as well as possible.

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