Monday, December 23, 2013


As I wrote on the note I included with my grandson's presents that I wrapped and packaged up in an envelope just now, ready to go to the post office tomorrow, Nana has a long-standing tradition of finding forgotten Christmas presents a day or two after Christmas.  Or of giving partially completed handmade gifts, and then finishing them for the person after Christmas!  I've worked on this over the past couple of days.

When I went in JoAnn's for sewing machine oil last Thursday (I forgot mine back in Ontario) I walked by a display of Christmas fabric on sale, and this M&M one jumped out at me.  I could just see Christmas pj pants!!

So I bought a pattern, elastic, buttons, and the fabric (oh, and while waiting in line, I found some awesome monster flannel fabric that I also bought for another pair for later) and headed home to wash it all up before cutting it out.  It has been a while since I cut out a pattern!  Man, I MUCH prefer a rotary cutter!  However, I persevered, even fixing a mistake when I misread the size 5/6 cutting line...oops.  The front fly turned out great, but was quite a puzzle to cut with all the sizes on the pattern.  These have an elastic waist, but also a cute drawstring.  The girl who cut the fabric gave me the idea to pick up a plain t-shirt and appliqué one of the characters onto it: the red dude of course, as red is his favourite colour.

So a small diversion from the quilted pillow I was going to work on today, but well worth it.


  1. Oh those are so adorable, I can just see B in them, aw, he will love and treasure them, from his Nana <3
    Holy cow, your talents are endless. Clearly you got my share along with your own lol!
    D just said to me Auntie Sandra should start her own business. There's yet another nudge for you. Do it! :D

  2. Oh and as you take stock of your many and varied accomplishments achieved throughout yet another gratifying year, you must remember one marvelous goal you attained - your blog.

  3. Thanks, Linda. So much. Thank you for always taking time to read and to comment, and for the positive boost you give me. It means a lot. I AM happy I started this; if nothing else, it's a great way to keep track of my sewing projects.


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