Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just a few projects to complete this winter...

Um ya.  I decided to do what I see several other bloggers do, and list the projects I would like to finish over a set period of time.  I think many set out in January those they want to complete over the year.  Well, I brought several down to Florida with me.  So this afternoon I decided to take a picture of each one and write a "Finish List" post.  I've already dumped the Rubbermaid tub and Canadian Tire rolling plastic toolbox, and organized the projects into the drawers in my sewing room here in the condo.  Quite frankly, I cannot believe they all fit into one tub and the toolbox.  Well, choke, I have brought down no less than 26 in-progress, (WIP) or to be started (and finished) projects!!  Yikes.  And, one of these projects actually is 3, because I have 3 sets of 5"squares which will most likely not all go into one quilt.  Here are the first 5 pictures:
Naala came to pay me a visit, and used the bundle of reds for an armrest!

I bought this bundle and pattern, "Summer Daze", from Guildcrafters in Berkely MI in September.  Should be a snap to whip up.  The colours are a tad out of my comfort zone, but such a bright, cheery quilt!

I've made several quilts (5 I believe, 4 of which were presents!) out of Karla Anderson's book.
I just love how her quilts let me play with colour in a semi-controlled way.  I have wanted to make the cover quilt, "Bent Out Of Square" and another one called "Salsa" for myself for some time.  I collected many of these batiks in New York City, on a trip in November 2007, so they have sat around long enough!  Quite a few of the batiks also came from various Florida shops (can you guess which one?!) on our trips here to the condo since we bought it in 2008.

This is the only kit I have bought from Quilt Sampler, Fall 2011.  It's not for lack of wanting to over the many years I've bought this magazine!

I love this bag.  Why haven't I made it yet??!
I got that pattern and kit in Oregon, on our summer camping trip down the west coast.  Naala was a puppy, so that makes this purchase in 2007 as well.  Sigh.  Life gets in the way, and other projects crop up that take precedence.  And, to be honest, I'm like a magpie, in that something shiny catches my eye, like the Cloud 9 quilt I made myself for my birthday this past spring, and therefore other projects fall by the wayside.  This bag, I recall, asked for a very stiff interfacing, which I bought, but which I did not want to use, as I wanted a softer bag.  So I set it aside to mull over how to make it (quilt it maybe?) without the interfacing.  I did not intend to mull it over for 6 years!! 

These are just the first 4 projects (I'll tell you about the red bundle Naala is leaning on later).  I am somewhat embarrassed to find the total is this high!  Will I complete all 26 within the 4.5 months we are here?  Not likely.  Especially since I will in all likelihood add to the list (gosh, it's like my list of Books to Read: every time I think I've crossed another one off the list, I find 5-10 more have been added!).

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  1. Ummm that's over 5.5 projects per month. Methinks you should start quilting and stop blogging.