Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wheelchair Charity Quilts

I started to work on step 2 of Cheryl's Mystery Quilt, but then got sidetracked (we all know that that never happens to me) and spent all day until I had to drive in for yoga class working on more wheelchair quilts.  Lots of photos ahead.

All that this one needed was the binding, ties and pocket.  This one is my favourite wheelchair quilt finish to date.  It is #5!
Every piece of this fabric was in the charity fabric our guild has.  Even the batting was a donated roll of polyester, a first for me, as I'm a Warm 'n Natural gal.  OMG I love this stuff!  Must find out what brand.  (update: Legacy) This is not washed yet and look at that texture definition!  I just freehanded an easy open flowers, leaves and loops meander.  The pattern is from Pam and Nicky Lintott's Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts.  I did a different border and my rows are shorter.

Here is the back, a piece that fit just perfectly, both size-wise and character-wise, from in the guild stash.  I sewed a pocket out of the 3 columns trimmings.  I am getting better at machine sewing the binding down.  I prefer to sew it to the front of the quilt, and then machine sew it down with the right side up, stitching in the ditch.  I don't have to go back into too many spots now!  My preference is for hand-stitching it down though, just like that look better.

MacGyver planted his banana plants in the ground this year, as they'd outgrown their giant pots. One is 2 years old, the other 3, though they are now the same Jack and the Beanstalk height.  All the neighbours comment on them, as well as my impatiens which started out as those 1" little plugs in a 6-pack from the local greenhouse, and are now these globes of 18" high, two feet in diameter glory.  I'll have to go stand in amongst the banana plants and get a photo so you can appreciate their majesty.  I've convinced MacGyver to dig them up and try to save them over yet another winter.  They've survived thanks to a neighbour, the first year, and Dayna last year, coming in and watering them from time to time while we were in Florida.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: from Pam and Nicky Lintott's Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts
Size:  30X34.5"
Fabric: charity fabric from my guild
Batting: a fairly flat polyester by Legacy
Quilted: on my Avanté
Threads: Floriani's Fufu's rayon thread in pale blue

Here is the other I was working on yesterday.  I had the flimsy done a couple of days ago.  These are the rest of the 23 giant HST flying geese orphan blocks I won at the August guild meeting. I had to add a purple, a red and a yellow half diamond to make full diamonds, and then two half diamonds, one pale green the other the floral, to fill in the design for this flimsy.

You might recall the first bunch of them I made into this wheelchair quilt:
All I added was one 5 1/2" square to make the flimsy
So I played around yesterday making a pieced backing for the second quilt.  All I do is pin the flimsy to the design wall, and then place fabric pieces over it, filling it in like a puzzle as I go.

Here is the final result, a little different from where I'd started, but I like it.

And here it is in progress on Avril.  I decided to do some more involved quilting as the zigzag low volume areas were begging for feathers. I've loaded it sideways since it is such a small quilt, and that way I can do the feathers in the zigzag areas without breaking thread.

Yes, for those of you more observant types, I'm floating the top.  I've done that on the past several quilts with no issues.  One less edge to pin, I like that!

And.  Sigh....Bella has a new obsession:

This is her latest favourite place to perch and help me sew... Uh Huh.  Try seeing where you're going, through that plume of a brown tail, never mind afraid I'm going to sew those strands of fur (which are rather plentiful) into the seam!  When I hold it aside and sew one-handed (listen to me!  I sound like a crazy cat lady) she will swish it quite strongly, trying to get it out of my hold.
Still sewing scraps for the scrap vortex in progress

I usually end up dumping her unceremoniously, okay, sometimes apologetically, on the floor beside me much to her exasperation.  I always feel bad, well, okay, often feel bad doing that, as this is a cat who is just SO into every step of the quilting process, from pulling fabrics to finished quilt.

Another wheelchair quilt in progress.  Aren't these the coolest blocks?!

These were in the guild's charity fabric, leftovers from the quilt show we think. I sewed the four of them together yesterday too.  I just need to figure out a funky border to frame these and I'll have another wheelchair quilt flimsy.  So they're simmering on the design wall at the moment.

Linking up with Freshly Pieced and Sew Fresh Quilts --OMG go there and hop around for Lorna's Dog Gone Cute blog hop.  Our dogs need new daybed covers and two of these puppies just might be a part of that project.


  1. Nice work. I especially like that you added a pocket to the quilt.

  2. You did get sidetracked! I love the wheelchair quilt. What is the purpose of the pocket on the back? Bella better watch out before her tail goes through the machine.

  3. All I can say is thank goodness Oliver's tail is not big and bushy like Bella's. When I piece I like to keep my scissors about where Bella's tail is so that would drive me nuts. But I'm pretty sure they like that about their job, driving the humans crazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabrics and block for the wheel chair quilt you are currently working on.

  4. What awesome quilts and perfect ways to use up scraps and other donated fabrics. I really love where the quilting is going on Avril. I prefer to float my quilt tops as well - it has worked well for me so far!

  5. Bella is so funny. I do believe she wants your undivided attention. Is there a standard size for wheelchair quilts? I think I know a few people who could use one. Was the addition of the pocket your own invention? Love the blocks in that last one.

  6. Oh those are beautiful! As are those banana plants!
    Hahaha Bella! Love her posing places!

    1. Meant to say that fabric is so cool, so 3D !!!!

  7. I really like the designs of your wheelchair quilt. You have so much variety! What does floating the quilt top mean? I'm glad Rosie the Dog doesn't perch like Bella the Cat. Her perching is confined to the back of the armchair.

  8. I like the wheelchair quilts. But the picture of Bella on your machine is priceless.

  9. Great work going on with you!! I float eveything-I need fast, LOL

  10. Beautiful quilts made with the leftovers. I really like the diamonds and chevrons. Can't wait to see more of your quilting.

  11. All the quilts are lovely. The pocket is a wonderful idea. Smokey used to like to jump behind the sewing machine and sit while I was attempting to quilt. He would put his paw on the moving fabric. Now he will jump up on the back of my sewing chair and scare me. The size of the banana plants is unbelievable. MacGyver must try to save them one more year.

  12. Absolutely beautiful quilts, Sandra and they are sure to be loved by the seniors!

    BTW, Gina floats her quilt tops too ;) Unless it is a show quilt, those she rolls and unrolls throughout the quilting process but for most stuff - she floats :)

    Bella is just too darn cute and funny and a risk taker!! I think it is a good thing Nugget is too big to get up on the sewing table - or he would do the same thing! He decided he must sit on my lap last night. . . all 75 lbs of him.

  13. I love your quilts. Just wonderful. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a cat and then I see pics of Bella. One mad animal in the house (Stan) is enough.

  14. I love what you find in the charity bin and how you put it all together!

  15. Cats alive, have you been busy! I am in love with your peachy-creamy wheel chair quilt! I think it's so nice to make things from fabric given for the project, but how much nicer to think it will suit the receiver. It's SO pretty!
    I love your quilting, and your spinning blocks, too, but Bella on your sewing machine makes my nose itch even seeing her in the pictures. How I love cats, but I pay for it. Keep it up, Sandra. You're a powerhouse right now.


  16. The thought you put into your quilts, and your blog posts, is so wonderful to see! Those wheelchair quilts are going to be so appreciated. I enjoyed seeing how you could take some orphan blocks and turn them into something beautiful!

  17. You are making wonderful use of the charity bin fabrics and I love these two wheel chair quilts, as will the seniors who receive them!
    Bella knows just how to stay in the center of attraction Sandra. She is a bit crazy, LOL. What a wonderful thing that she loves to be so close to you, even if sometimes it is exasperating.
    I have to remember to send you photos of Jim's fig tree. it's winter hardy, has exotic foliage, and produces figs.

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