Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stardust Wheelchair Quilt #9

I really really love this little quilt.  It is #9 of the wheelchair quilts I have done this year, 8 will be for the guild charity project and 2 were done on my own this past Spring.  It is also another goal on my Q4 FAL list at On the Windy Side.  Two down, six to go...

I wrote about the flimsy, which uses a really cool method of getting a 2.5" HST from 2.5" strips, here.  These photos were taken yesterday morning in the dull overcast skies.  The colours are spot on.  Interesting.  All of the fabrics are from the guild's charity fabric stash. The blues are in the same Brannock and Patek line.

The backing is a piece I happened to find in one of the tubs at the wheelchair quilts sewing day last month.  Right away I knew it would be perfect for the backing.  I had to add some, however, as you can see.  I made the pocket from 2 leftover 4-patches and a bit of the medium blue from the alternating squares on the front.

Rolled up.  I kept the quilting very simple, lots of ruler work on Avril.  Good practice for me!  I've actually done a fair bit of ruler work now without trying to sew through the ruler.  That's a good thing.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Stardust with only a 2.5" border from Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott
Size:  36.5 X 36.5"
Fabric: guild charity (donated) fabric
Batting: Pellon Legacy 100% polyester
Quilted: on my Avanté -- 22 715 stitches :-)
Threads: quilted with Floriani's Fufu's rayon thread in navy

I may have finished up another flimsy this morning...totally off topic and not on any radar, lists, or gifts of any kind...(squirrels, I know; I have it bad)

This is Pearl Gray from Christa Watson's Machine Quilting With Style book that I bought for the guild as librarian.  I'd only managed to get a couple of blocks done in time for the meeting last Tuesday; the remaining 7 bugged me the rest of the week to sew them up.  I just did 9, a little quilt to sit on when I teach yoga.  I wanted to make a pink quilt in this month of breast cancer awareness and I guess I pretty much did.  I don't have much grey in my stash, but I did find this 10+ years old RJR not-quite-black, dark greys watercolour fabric left over from a quilted jacket lining.  The lighting in this photo does not do it justice.  Better photos of it in the future, I promise.

Someone in QBL said earlier this week she looks at a quilt and immediately starts dissecting it to see how she would construct it.  I am the same! I did this as soon as I saw this quilt in the book.  When I was piecing it, I  thought of a different construction method than the one Christa uses, one where you don't make 9 blocks but you make components.  It would eliminate the matching of the grey lattice pieces.  More on that in another post; this is supposed to be computer-free Sunday!
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  1. Sandra, I just love your wheelchair quilts! That is a great charity idea, and I always love sewing little quilts the best. You've come with so many sweet designs for these quilts. I bet they are very much appreciated.

  2. You get a lot of fabric from the guild stash. Glad to see fabric being used. Those darn squirrels.....

  3. Another great wheelchair quilt. I really like the colors in this one but I have been kinda obsessed with navy lately. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Another great finish! Your wheelchair quilts are wonderful.

  5. I think the starburst is the best so far . Though I do like the garden path one as well .

  6. Another fantastic wheelchair quilt. Pearl Gray looks great btw.

  7. Computer free Sunday, geesh it is like someone cut off my arm if I can't have my computer-addicted I know!
    Great finish and anxious to see how you would make it different.

  8. This one is my favorite so far. I love everything about it down to the simple line quilting. I just want to touch it...i'm a weirdo.

  9. A pictures is worth a thousand words

  10. Isn't it interesting how "dull, overcast" skies make the best lighting for quilt pictures? There's your silver lining.
    I just watched a video on ruler work, and I'm intrigued. Yours is really looking good. I might have to look into that, but I know I would need to use a different foot.

  11. I really have to do some of these! Yours are so great.

  12. Another beautiful wheelchair quilt for someone to love and use! LOVE Pearl Grey, brings to mind stained glass, just love that effect!