Saturday, January 14, 2017

Q1FAL My List

I debated on signing up this quarter, as there are more than a couple irons in the fire, but here I am and let's see where this goes.  My success rate for Q4 was 60%.  Once again this year, there are multiple hosts.  There are hundreds of quilt bloggers who participate, and each entry is verified as having been on the Quarter List and then a finished usable product, so this makes for a ton of work.

I will be linking up on Abigail's blog this year, at Cut & Alter.  She is in England.  The first year I participated, I linked up to Adrianne at On the Windy Side in New Zealand, the second year, to Leanne at She Can Quilt in Canada, and now this year to Abigail.  It is a global event.  Seems to me to be a trend, no? Global community.  We're all in this together.  Because we are.  So let's have fun, be amazed at others' talents, and celebrate more beautiful quilts on our planet!

Interesting to note another trend, one that's been around since quilting itself I venture to say, the majority of the quilts on the quilters' lists, my own included, are being given to others.  Mmm, I like that! 💖

1.  Radiance
This is coming back from Q4 of last year, so you've seen it uh, more than once...and is a flimsy I made almost a year ago.  It needs a top and bottom border, which I already have planned, and then quilting.  It is for my nephew Aidan.
Pattern is Triangle Transparency from Quilting JETgirl
2.  Cuh'Boss!
This is going to an aunt. I just finished it in December and now need to get it quilted and mailed off to give to her.
3.  A secret project #1
4. Another secret project
The fourth colour is white.  There are two others, but they are not as dominant.  How's that for mysterious?
5.  A cushion cover, part of the Windfall upcoming Quilt Along I am hosting on my blog.
6. Whirling Stars
I would really like to just get this quilted already.  I've sewed the backing, applied the label, cut the batting, and now it just needs basting and then I can get to work.
7.  A wallhanging size of Windfall for a Quilt Along sponsored by Paint Brush Studio (pinch me! 😊) in the near future on my blog.  I haven't got the fabric yet, but here is the large version.  The wallhanging will be done in Spring colours, and I will post the photo of the fabrics once they arrive.

Paint Brush Studio Fabrics for the wallhanging size, called Free Fall!

8.  Jolly Christmas Trees
Get this quilted up and ready for donating.

Oh, there will be more projects that creep in, rest assured.  Those darn squirrels get me time and time again. If you are like me, you may want to click the DrEAMi! button on my sidebar to find a place for you to celebrate your QADD.  Quilter Attention Deficit Disorder.  I confess that I am quite badly afflicted with it. 😬


  1. You've got some fun quilts on the your list. Good luck with this quarter's challenge.

  2. Oooh...secret projects. When does the Windfall QAL start? I have QADD!!!!!

  3. What lovely projects you have on the go Sandra - I love your Whirling Stars. Good luck with them all!

  4. You are going to be busy getting these projects done. Secret projects...

  5. Well darn it I was going to write up a post with a few FALS and I forgot! Well I will still get stuff done, hehe. Good luck on your projects!

  6. I totally remember Auntie I hollering to the cows ka-boss!!!!! And to the piggies: sueyyyy!!!!!!!!!!


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