Thursday, January 5, 2017


So did you know that Henry Glass + Kate Spain = baby! Of the ornament kind that is. 😉

Guess I'm still not quite done with Christmas.  This is due in part to procrastination as well as to the win from Henry Glass Fabrics right before Christmas.  You can see the fabrics here.  Funny, one of the little Kleenex pack covers I made and showed in that post is going to the same person as this ornament is!

This is a paper-pieced little pattern from Lori's Country Cottage I got, oh about a century ago. Ha! Maybe about 1/5 of a century ago? Yee-ikes!  How it ended up in with my stuff to take to Florida i have NO clue, but it did, and it grew up from paper to finished quilted ornament. Magic!
Here is the flimsy. At 3.5" square with 3 sections, it gave me a full-quilt-size of trouble.  Trying to line up the angles of the green and the side seams...let's just say I did a whole lotta rippin'.  I settled for this in the end.  Along with Kate Spain's 'Jingle' fabric scraps, I used a scrap of lime from Paintbrush Studio's 2015 new block bloghop fabric. My block is in the very first Quilter's Planner, Nov. 21 week. The stocking cuff is a scrap from a little pillow, Bundle Up!, I made with fabric from a quilt shop I visited while at the Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon!

I quilted it with Sulky Holoshimmer in gold. Wonderful thread for wonderful fabrics.  The back is another print in the Shelly Comiskey "Kringle Krossing" line.
Couldn't get much more perfect a backing!
Here is a closeup, trying to catch the elusive shimmer and sparkle.
Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Paper pieced single block freebie from Lori's Country Cottage
Size: 3.5" square
Fabric:  scraps and leftovers, except for the stockings Henry Glass Fabrics "Kringle Krossing"
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% cotton scrap
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Essential from Connecting Threads and Sulky Holoshimmer in gold 145-6003

I finished my homework for the 150 Canadian Women from Next Step Quilt Designs
From top left, #22 Kate Rice, pioneering prospector, miner and a most notable woman geologist, this gal was not afraid to be alone in the wilderness for extended periods of time, think entire northern Canadian winter?? She ended up living on an island named after her, out in a lake, which is why I used a red with bits of blue in it; #23 Marie-Anne (née Gaboury) Lagemodière - so cool because the Faculté St-Jean, U of Alberta, where I did a major chunk of my schooling is on the Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury in Edmonton. She was the mother of the first legitimate white child, a daughter, born in the Canadian West, she was also the grandmother of Louis Riel; #24 Elsie Knott, another 'kickass' Canadian woman, she drove a school bus along with several other menial jobs including sewing quilts, to support her family. At age 30, she became Chief Elsie Knott of the Ojibway, a respected leader.
I chose that coral pink for Chief Elsie Knott because upon spying it, I thought of Indian beads and dreamcatchers.  For Marie-Anne, grandmother of the famous and infamous Louis Riel, I had to use the maple leaves fabric scraps in the Windfall line.  Can you tell I am enjoying this quilt along?!

One last very exciting announcement!!! Drum ROLLLL!  I have a sponsor for
(and I made a button!) Next I have to remember how to turn it into one for my sidebar...

Melody has had The Red Hen Shop on Etsy since 2013.  She stocks a wide variety of fabric, which includes some older ones you might not find anywhere else.  Click the link or the image to check out her shop!  We are doing four bi-weekly draws for prizes, and besides Lisa and my offerings, there will be a $15 gift certificate for a lucky winner.  And then there is the grand prize for all who complete 30 designs by March 15, a $50 gift certificate!

Although I won't be posting every one of my 30 designs here on the blog, here is #2.  Had a little issues with colouring order...made good use of my eraser!  All good.
Push 'n Pull or Aurora
I've been fascinated with 60° triangles, since my first Stack 'n Whack quilts.  When I first played with this idea, I saw it as either scrappy strings or improv slabs cut into 60° triangles.  When I played with shading, I thought I could try to bring out the hexagons formed by 6 triangles... I included a third colourway of blues, and then realized I needed to separate them so coloured in the solid greys.  Still not sure it works; maybe need the white strip across the bottom side of each triangle?  When I saw the thumbnail of that photo, I was struck by a similarity to the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, something I dearly miss from when we lived just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. I do feel very privileged to have seen them so many many times, dancing across the northerly heavens with their spiderwebs of greenish/goldish/blueish effervescence.

Now I'm taking my effervescent little person off to plan for a couple more exciting announcements coming up very shortly on the blog!
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  1. 3.5 inches???? Oh my that's tiny. Congrats on the sponsor. I got my notebook and coloured pencils sitting on the coffee table. We'll see if inspiration strikes me tonight.

  2. That ornament is so cute! These women's stories rock, go Canadian women! And yes dear sister I love our northern lights here in Alberta, ethereal, a bit of celestial magic. Sorry you don't get them there!

  3. Tiny ornaments, a bit like making doll's clothes.But lovely when all done, and the way you had the lime green is really striking.

  4. A tiny block in my opinion can be the hardest to match up seams with. You did a great job on it. Congrats on having a sponsor.

  5. Ah, so much here to absorb that I will need to re-read a few times. I love ornament-sized quilts, and I think it's fun that you are extending the holidays with your sewing. I also think it's great fun that quilters have total recall of where every scrap of fabric they use came from. It's like sports fans recalling every play of every game they ever watched. Have fun with all of your projects in the new year!

  6. Gorgeous little ornament. So cute xx

  7. Very cute ornament. You are not late, you are being proactive for next Christmas. Very fun blocks. Looking forward to seeing all of your designs this month.

  8. cute ornament. Isn't it funny how its sometimes the littlest things that give us the most bother?

  9. Effervescent and Show-Off. I am still recovering from my trip and there you go overwhelming me again. Stop or I won't send you the promised fabric. Love everything you do.

  10. We didn't see the northern lights often when we lived in Igloolik (too far north, believe it or not!), but I sure did love the ones we did get to see. That design looks like it would be a great scrap buster!

  11. Cute wee ornament and a great little scrap project! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!