Saturday, May 25, 2019

DrEAMi! #28

Yikes! I nearly forgot about this month's Drop Everything And Make it! party aka DrEAMi! It seems too early for this to be the last Saturday in May, but here we are.
I get the best squirrel photos, articles, memes, and this one is right up there with the best of the best, from Tish at The Madd Quilter:

Oh Billy, one day within the next year I hope, I may cross another item off my bucket list and go see you play in NYC. Hope I haven't given you the ear worm I've now got!

I myself have been chasing a few squirrels this month, two of three I've caught, the third needs this month's patterns printing out and I need a black cartridge and keep forgetting the few times one of us is out, to pick one up.

You can read about my squirrel adventures here but I'll also link my own post up. I actually have two more blocks made this week. One is the current one, in May's colour, orange. The other is one from March, green, as I work my way back in time to get all caught up.

Such fun! And sooo addictive. If I didn't have my Island Batik project deadline looming, I'd be making a whole bunch more.

Last month we had the most amazing DrEAMi! projects:

Mi Barca by Janine of Quilts from the Little House
I just loved reading along with her as she made the quilt. I'd seen some of the process on Instagram as well, but don't you just love this? It has just such a feeling with it; I am transported into her scene with absolutely no effort at all. That boat she created--!


Brenda of Songbird Designs made THE most adorable bunnies mug rug. This was another process-oriented post, the kind I love best, well next to the quilts with meaningful stories posts. I love how she turned one backwards! His cute little tail--! I can't stand it.

If you are new to the DrEAMi! concept, but you get what we quilters mean when we say, "I chased a squirrel," well, then you'll agree that both of these are quintessential Drop Everything And Make it projects.

All right, let's see what colour squirrels you may have chased this month if you, like me, and like a few others of us, were misbehavin'.

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  1. Great post. Love all the projects and I could just float away on that boat. Thanks for the reminder that I need color cartridges! I, however, am going to take the lazy route and order from Amazon.

  2. How did we ever quilt before printers and computers?

  3. I just picked up ink cartridges the other day. Those tiny Tuesday blocks are taunting me, I don't know how much longer I can resist. LOL

  4. Love your Tiny Tuesday blocks, especially how you used the same light fabric in your Rail Fence. Really pretty!

  5. I have a DrEAMi going on right now, but it's not quite finished! I'll have to share it next month - and get inspiration from everyone else this month!

  6. Thanks for sharing those DrEAMI projects! Those were two of my favorites. SEW glad to hear that you've been chasing some squirrels, too!

  7. I'm with Cindy -- every time I see the Tiny Tuesday blocks, I think "Oh that's so cute. I should do that QAL" -- so far, I'm admiring from a distance. You've had some great projects going on. I'll see if I can find the mojo to write up a post. It's been pretty quiet here this weekend.

  8. who is that playing the piano? I can't figure out the Billy though i do love th meme. Is that what it is called? a meme?

  9. I am the lid on this Dreami pot. Not a term of flattery. Just means that I am the very last one to make it to the party. And if you knew the number (and the ferocity) of the squirrels I was battling, it is a surprise that they let me complete a blogpost at all. Thank you Sandra, for letting me get in touch with my wild, wacky and outtacontrol side :-D

  10. No squirrels here this month, but I’m having fun looking at yours. I really like your green block—like a crumb block but more structured.


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