Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Luminous Layers Flimsy

This month has been just nuts. Real life drama and happenings, quilty drama (see end of post!) and happenings... Amidst it all, I have managed to get the flimsy finished for the May challenge for Island Batik, where we were to 'Make it Modern'.
This month's challenge is sponsored by Hobbs Batting, and I will most happily be using their black batting to quilt this! Once again, I cannot say enough about the quality of Island Batik fabrics, who provided these beauties. This quilt goes from huge, 16" star points down to 1" so there was a fair amount of handling.

And pretty much zero fraying.

You may recall that it started with this design, #17/30 in the 30 Quilt Designs Challenge that just ended May 25. Three of us completed 30 quilt designs within the 70 days, but all of us have had such fun, and furthered our creative spirits, and most of us have made at least one of our 30 designs already!
Twilight Chic was the line of fabrics I had chosen to work with this month. They are gorgeous, deep colours. Many of you have seen the progress on Instagram, but here it is again.
Choosing the golds for the various stars:
The colour is a bit off here; the golds are more yellow but the purple-turquoise is pretty much dead on.

Choosing the purples to go against the black. Quite the variety right?

I started designing the quilt from the outside in. Wait, what? Yeah, I know. I've never done that before, but it was the way my brain tackled the quilt, and if my memory serves me right, I did it the same way in EQ.
Both of these are basics: black, and the gold is 'Mustard'. Their solids are fantastic.

So that was the outside two sides; now to create the four interior sections.

I was also auditioning fabrics for the purple stars as you can see. I knew the one purple-turquoise was pretty close in value to the blue-green, but I actually quite liked the way it sort of blended, then you saw it, then it blended again.

As well as auditioning those colours, I changed my mind about the very centre gold star from this:
to this.
I felt that gold was more intense, more saturated, much as I wanted that final tiny star to be made of the same gold fabric as the massive one. Don't worry though; that original little star will become the label on the back!

You can see the motif, or chop, as they call it, of that gold fabric in the photo below. Lots of luminosity, no?
I was further in to the off-centre (ha) of the design here, and wow, I was in love even more with this line, and I was pretty in love with my crisp points. And then I was pretty pleased that my quilt math served me well, and all was right! And I do so love those tiny stars! Adorable.

Those of you doing my Beothuk Star QAL may well remember (with fondness, I'm sure) the 96 HSTs we had to make. Well, this quilt only has 88!😂

I was so ecstatic to hit all the points in the very centre (well off-centre) of the quilt!!
The crispness and tight weave of these batiks helps nail them IMHO.

I also love the twinkle effect, or the fade in/fade out of the stars effect. I seem to do that in a lot of my designs, don't I?! I love making one's eye rove over a quilt and spot different things when one looks at it again and again.

Here is the final flimsy, all pressed, pegged to the fantastic-for-quilt-shots deck rails, (no Rufus; he was trying to chill his belly on this hot day on the kitchen floor with minimal success). Just a light breeze was blowing when I took these.

It was barely laid flat on our bed to keep it smooth, hoping to layer and quilt it this evening, when....


I'm hosting TGIFF this Friday, so hope you'll pop back then to see the finish, and maybe link up a finish of your own!

Real Life Drama and Happenings
Yay!!!!! One dormer is all done and ready for siding and roofing. Lol that English Oak you see at the peak of the dormer is in the centre of our back yard, not growing out of the peak!

Here's what it looks like from inside:
I'll most likely have my sewing table in this area! Natural light from two directions. 😎

Quilty Drama
That will be in the following post. Two posts in one day, sheesh!


  1. this is so lovely. I love the star within a star. And those teeny tiny stars, how wonderful

  2. Ooh, I love this Sandra! How fun to design from the outside in. You might or might not have gotten my creative juices flowing. :) I would love a sewing space with a pretty little dormer like that. I'm sure the construction phase is a pain, but the result will be worth it!

  3. This is beautiful, Sandra! I love the partial star, and those purples you were choosing from are wonderful. I don't sew with batiks very often, but you make me want to go shopping!

  4. This is truly a great star within a star within a star quilt. I love these fabrics and this quilt shows them off nicely. I really can wait to see your quilting. The progress on the dormer is impressive.

  5. Dormer looks great, but on a tilt? Hope the ground is level and your camera had the problem!!! Love that quilt design and those fabrics!!! Wow, the gold shimmers so well. And no better way to get a quilt assessed than by the cats in anyone's family, They know best.

  6. I love this! Those rich purples and shimmering gold! Now to see how your are going to quilt it.

  7. Love your star creation! I can picture it in ombres.

  8. What a wonderful star quilt, love your twist on it.

  9. It's fantastic, Sandra!!! Love how it turned out and seeing the incarnations of the color choices. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I can't wait to see how you quilt this. It's an awesome design.


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