Friday, May 24, 2019

Good Vibes Only H2H Quilt Finish

My third quilt commitment is fulfilled for H2H 2019, and I have also fulfilled another of my Q2FAL goals. My list is here.
This lap quilt is destined for a boy, and is made using Allison Harris's 'Positive' pattern she recently released. She blogs and sells her patterns at Cluck Cluck Sew. I own a few of her patterns, as well as her book, Growing Up Modern, one of the first modern quilt books I bought. This is, again, another quilt with a clever block construction. I named my quilt 'Good Vibes Only' and I filled it with positive words and thoughts of healing as I made it.

I had the grey Dimples yardage in my stash, and the rest of the quilt, including the binding, is all scraps. The white patches that surround the pluses are a whole slew of low volume scraps. I love scrap quilts, cohesive ones, especially.

 I quilted it with Essential 100% cotton from Connecting Threads, such a great thread. Loaded the quilt onto Avril, still had a pretty full bobbin from 'Autumn Winds', so just switched out the Parchment for the Stone Essential thread, and I was off to the races, didn't adjust the tension once and it's perfect. You can see I did a large meander in the grey, with random positive words in cursive writing throughout. I stitched in the ditch around the outer and inner edges of the white plus surround, and then did one line with a ruler in the centre with white.

Bella was pretty happy that I was quilting on Avril; she loves to perch on the end of the table. She really misses our space in the upper 1/2 storey, but she is going to love it as much as I will when it's done!

Here are a few more of the words I quilted in:

You may notice a few Crazy Mom Quilts fabrics in the quilt, along with some boy-themed fabrics like hockey and football. There are some animal and math and pirate ones (scraps from Brady's PJ jammies shorts), and even a couple of 2.5" wide strips scraps from Autumn Winds, one of which you can see in the binding photo below.

I did a scrappy binding, stitching it to the back and top-stitching it down on the front..

For the backing, I used the same beautiful flannel fabric that I used on the front of Fern, my first H2H quilt. It is called 'Moose Meadows' and is available at Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics. (no affiliation, but Bernie is sponsoring my Beothuk Star QAL. 😊
It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway: I love all the texture!

Here is the label:

You can just see the mmm! quilts label on the photo of the back. It's the first of my second pack of 100 from Ikaprint. This pack was wrong; they sent me another 100 of my first order, which was made before I realized I could do double-sided labels. When I realized that, I was sure to make my second order double-sided; however, they messed up and re-sent the first. They've made it right by sending me out the correct 100 labels at no charge. I haven't received them yet; they come from France. I now hear of a great Canadian company out of Montréal who I will order from next time, thanks to Anja at Anja's Quilts.

Here are the two fully finished H2H quilts, both of which will be dropped off next week at the Windsor Sexual Assault Centre. One is made for a girl, the other for a boy. As I have said in the past, would that there was no need for this kind of quilt to help a child heal from heinous treatment.

I washed 'Good Vibes Only', and took both outside for a crinkled-quilt-pic by our jaw-dropping lilacs that fill the back yard with their scent:
These lilacs got a major trimming last year when MacGyver put in the fence (yep all by himself; I tell you the man has no limits) and worried as I was about the trimming, he was right: it did them good as they are more lush than ever. They tower higher than our new LVL beam at the peak of our roof!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Sweet Star block by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew
Size: 46" square
Fabric: scraps and Dimples yardage by Andover
Backing: P&B Textiles 'Moose Meadows' flannel
Batting: a no name thin polyester
Quilted: on Avril; 36 644 stitches
Threads: Pieced with various cotton threads, and Gütermann black polyester; quilted with Essential 100% cotton in 50 wt, Stone and White.

Update on the renovations upstairs:
Dormer #1 is in and all done but for the window since I took this pic!

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  1. Have I told you how much I love this quilt?

  2. Both of these quilts are lovely.

  3. Both the quilts will be treasured, and get taken to adulthood by each person. Yes, wish there was no need, but life does have so many bad patches. The beam,all going so well up there, you will be able to get a great view from those new windows.

  4. Wonderful quilts! i just finished my blog on my H2H quilts and am so pleased to see yours. I was hoping to have a few more but life interfered. The others will be finished in June and July as I learn my new machine! Oh, and now I am off to finish up Beothuk Star!!! Happy weekend!

  5. I loooove finding words hidden in quilting--it's one of my favorite things. Great finish, and your renovation is really moving along!

  6. Great name for a wonderful quilt, Sandra. ( And just look at that perfect pattern match on the red print fabric!) I do hope it serves its intended purpose of bringing hope and positive feelings to someone who should never have needed it. Also, are the good vibes of the quilting machine what make Bella sit on the table? The photo of the new dormer is a work of art. Exciting project for sure.

  7. A lovely quilt! I love the inspirational words stitched in the quilting.

  8. The quilting is perfect for this quilt to keep it soft and snuggly. It will be fun for the recipient to find your words in the quilting.

  9. Such a great idea to quilt in some happy words! Just perfect! And your dormer looks like it's coming right along. You'll have it finished before you know it. Enjoy!

  10. Great finish, Sandra! The renov is coming along nicely! Wish I could smell those lilacs -- ours haven't blossomed yet!

  11. Such a beautiful quilt with such positive wishes quilted within. Some young boy will get such comfort from all the love that you have quilted into it. I love the scrappiness of the quilt and all those whites!! I think I need to have more of those in my scrap pile.

  12. I love that pattern; it could turn into a squirrel for me, but I just have to finish some other projects. New.Dog.Sucking.Up.All.My.Time.
    The lilacs are gorgeous.

  13. Hi Sandra, those are two lovely quilts - colourful and full of love. I'm sure that they will be appreciated!

  14. As soon as I saw your quilt I thought, "What a great background fabric, I wonder what it is?" Leave it to you to tell me when I read a little further. Thank you! Love those dimples and that shade. This is a fun quilt.
    Your lilac is lovely! Ours survived being cut *to the ground* when my sweetheart got a little too enthusiastic with the weed whacker when we moved into our new home. I cried, but this summer the lilac bush is taller than our house.

  15. Hi Sandra! Good Vibes Only - the perfect name for this quilt and its the perfect vessel to carry all of those good vibes you stitched inside. Oooh yum to all of those low volume scraps, and all the better to use up stash. I love stippling (now!) and those positive words interspersed throughout makes it even more special. Aww, Bella! She's a great quilting companion, isn't she?! That flannel fabric on the back is going to feel so nice and soft, and someday I am going to machine stitch a binding down. Or maybe not. I can smell those lilacs through the computer and I adore them. Another thing to send me happily back to a childhood memory! And finally, LOOK AT THAT WINDOW to-be! Wow - that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?! ~smile~ Roseanne
    P.S. Missing Rufus the photobomber - I didn't see him lurking back there anywhere this time! Or maybe through the lilacs on the deck??

  16. I love love love that you stitched all those life-affirming words into the quilting! Such a wonderful piece, Sandra. Thank you for generously donating it!

  17. I like the idea pf naming our quilts, even though they already have the name of the pattern. I am gonna start doing that! I love your version, it really pops up with alla those beautiful colors!

  18. Beautiful quilts. I love the personal touches you put on the good vibrations only quilt.

  19. I love that you quilted words. Such a great touch. I need to practice that.

  20. I love the addition of the words in your FMQ. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.


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